I am writing to today in regards to the problems of border control, the federal government taking the state of AZ. to court and the problem of national security. I feel this is important and is not being addressed by the administration as of date.  This needs to be address not lip service as it a risk to national security and the U.S. citizens such as myself!

 I know this may anger some, but,  lets face it. We have to security the boarders and stop the serious problems of illegals coming over and with that, trouble including problems on the border states. In this writer’s opinion, if a person is here illegal, out they go! We also have to secure the border with fences that will keep out those who feel they have to get in illegal! It is not fair to those who get the paper work started, green card, and then take the test to wait as illegals go to the front of the line.  To become a citizen applicant has to know ENGLISH . We have to enforce the laws passed by congress making ENGLISH only langauge which includes books in English only and services including driving a car. No relief or aid because they are illegal.

  Time for  the administration to get real with this problem and do the job we pay them. SECURE THE BOARDERS! Not lip service but give the states the tool and men they need to get the job done. not to mention able to protect themselves when fired on by border running drug dealers. The same who kill innocent American citizens! Taking governors to court such as Jane Brewer is dumb and a waste of taxpayers money. That is the federal government’s job to do. So do it!  National Security is at risk as well.  Terrorists waiting a good chance to get in cause damage!

  In closing, boarder control to stop illegal drug traffic, killing of citizens on the border states , terrorist threat is real. We need to address this now before it’s too late to do something and this gets out of control. If your here illegal, out you should go and take your troubles with you. We don’t need it here. Time to do  our bidding and if not, get voted out this coming election year!





  1. As a foreigner who became an American just a short time ago, I too am for “playing by the rules.” My country is also having these problems with trying to keep it’s nationals “penned up” and leaving their country for a better standard of living. I know what you are thinking…..”why don’t YOU just uprise in YOUR country to try and change the system for better life. Well, let me tell you this; my son was killed for doing just that after having spent some time in a “goo-log” for many months. These countries will NOT tollerate freedom of speach and our sick and poor are not getting the healthcare you great country can provide. We are country of rich and poor. There ez no middle class to help out. Most of us come from three world country that is a @#$% hole and our government is corrupt more than the US. That is why we cross borders and try to better our lives. I would love to go back and try to change my country except I would probably die like my son to. My daughter, married an Englishman and is living hopefully a good life in Europe now. She writes it is bad over there to with many Turkies and Albanians invading western Europe like the US is having. It es a world wide problem that is maybe by design of the powers who controll the world to make it un “one world government” and to divide the great nations on theis planet. I hope I am wrong and would love to go back to a great country of my and live a healthy and prosper life. vaos con dios amigos

  2. Give me a break! You come here only to suck our nation dry! Get the free stuff such as welfare. I think that if your not a citizen, out you go. I am sick of those who cry about what they can’t have such as that person in Disney World’s employment. They should just fire her. Go back where you came from! The same of those who can’t speak English and try to get a drivers licence at a dmv. I seen this getting mine. No! This is America. You play by our rules! Too Bad, America, like it or leave it!

    The Poetryman

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  5. Best article I have seen in many months. I agree with the poetry man that to be afraid to change one’s country is like the Jews in WW2. Sheeple will not bring change to a country that needs changing. Only the mass of people who want a better way of life can do that. Look at America’s history. Men have died doing just that just to keep our freedom him. Jose, please stand up and ride again. Remember, if at first you don’t suck seed, try and try again. I am sorry to hear about your son. He was brave.

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