Now is Obama going to blame guns or a flag on this one? Pray for these people and their family tonight……………



With all this hype on the movie “The Interview” I want to add my five cents worth on this matter. This writer wonders? Is this truly a North Koreans hack job or a matter of Hollywood, once again, putting out a movie that is bad all the way around?

Now time to put a ‘spin’ If I may say to save face on a big lost and it’s working for the better! The North Koreans were even cleared of the matter now blaming a employee? A congressional hearing in the works? Hum? Really?

Looks in this writer’s eyes as a hype and good spin doctors to make good a movie that had no legs to go on from the get go. That in its self would make for a good spy movie? What do I know? Only my five cent worth?



Wire Reports —

‘Abortion providers are going to court with Arizona over new limits of abortion inducing drugs. The federal lawsuit announced Wednesday by Planned Parenthood Arizona and the Center for Reproductive rights alleges the new law block the ability of many women to use medication abortions. The rule are set to take effect April 1st. ‘

Hi. Was on vacation and good to back with you all! As this writer stated before, this is wrong Abortion as you dear reader know have taken Have a look at a pass post we put up on how they do abortions, you would agree with what we are posting here. WARNING That post is not for the faint of heart but needed to show liberals and others how misinformed they are on this.


The Riots continue in Ferguson over a Police officer and a citizen being shot. The national guard is called out to handle the big problem. As a police and fire fighter family member, why should the police be questioned for doing his or her job?  The suspect tried to take the gun of the  police officer and then kill him.

Al Sharpton and others are not helping by fueling the matter more.  They should stay away or be arrested for starting a riot! The officer’s id should not have been given either for the protection of his family.The reason being that they could find out where he lives and hurt his family in revenge .

It shows clear that the suspect robbed a store and was a gang member.  People will go to that far when common sense don’t dictate. Lets pray this mater end very soon and not be a black eye on our great nation.  See story below,



Interesting that Obama is busy fund raising when we have so much problems in the country and the world today. It seems he is staying away from problems not addressing them. Why is it so?

In a nut shell, could it be he is worried that a conservative congress could be in power this time next year? Funny how congressmen are running from the president. If so, could be impeached for high crimes against the United States Constitution? Will he drag others down with him? We will see.

Abortion Rights Law Blocked.

Mississippi’s effort to close the last of the states abortion clinics was blocked in federal appeals court. Advocates for the new law said women could go to other states but the judges said that every state must guarantee constitutional rights including abortion.

The Fifth district U.S. Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to overturn that state’s law requiring abortion doctors to obtain privileges at near by hospitals. To bad. The fight moves on!

Lets hope all is well after the November elections and a change of personnel is in the works. Vote conservative in your state! Get rid of the liberals and their funny ideas!