It’s getting close! How’s the V.P. spot going you may wonder? An interesting page I found listed below. Look at the right of the page and that I believe, tells who is ahead at date. Vote  Republican or better yet, conservative Democrat in choise




 Wonder why Pres. Obama is on the attack telling us how Republicans will ruin America and his plan is the best. How he is telling  us to shape up and ‘stop crying.’ Is he getting worried that he is through in 2012 perhaps? People tired of his Tax and spend policy and high unemployment problem? Can’t blame Bush on this one my friend. ‘ Your problem, you fix it!

 Unemployment is getting worse as days go on, treating the recession as a joke, and endless excuses in between! Pass that bill’ bit  is getting old fast and this writer is worried about four more years of Socialism programs and give aways we can’t afford! His wife telling us what to eat and not eat for example. If I want to eat hamburgers and smoke a case of smokes, that is my business and health concern not hers.

   Hopefully, a conservative Democrat will run ( not Mrs. Clinton) with plan for the economy and winning this war! Pro- life is also a plus and a friend of Israel.  Time for change for sure. If not Republican in the general election is needed! Our values in mind as Americans not Obama!


I hope the problems  settles down. Don’t need an upheaval of their government or the Muslim Brotherhood taking over the Suez . For that matter, spilling  into Israel. A bigger mess to clean up. I say act with care on this and don’t over act  Too much at stake here . Have  to watch our own interests.  Let pray all goes well! See this  and other interesting posts  here at the Catholic American.




From The Chicago Tribune 07-19-10 Edition

  Angry regarding paying for abortions in National Health Care and disconcert by Washington,  A bill was passed by the Louisiana House Of Representatives and signed by the Governor Bobby Jindal against the administration’s wishes that  would leave  out abortion care under this bill. Frank Hoffman a representative there  states that’ this is a proud day and our state is very pro-life. ‘ 

  As of now, National Health Care covers abortion using taxpayer’s money. This includes clinic visits and birth control methods offered by these  places. In this writer’s opinion,  scary. Way to go Governor Jindal! This is immoral and good to see the brakes put on now. 

   Not what Catholics wish to see and if continued, partial birth abortion put back into law!  To read more about this, go to the Chicago tribune online at www.chicagotribune.com


Dear President Obama

  I see that you’re trying to press congress into National Health Care. I like to ask you, how about the real problem to be addressed that is,  Social Security and Medicare? As a citizen,  I am concerned that the problem is very real and that Social Security will go broke by 2016!  The administration and congress has taken a blind eye to the problem.

  First, why are you pressing National Health Care? We have Medicade  that there for those who are poor and need extra help. We have to revamp Medicare to make sure it’s good dollar wise and to end waste and rip offs by people  and insurance companies too who take advantage of a good thing?  For example over billing and those who can work but choose not to?

  I  should not have to pay for illegals who  are here or those  who abuse the welfare system. Unless its War, injury, or lost of a job that is it. A hand up, not  a hand out as we now have! We need tort reform and wellness type programs that were brought up but not acted on!

   I worked hard for many years and  want to have what I put into Social Security every week. As of now, stats show that there are more Baby Boomers retiring and nothing  to pay out! I suggest the congress act to raise the age of retirement to 68 years old and perhaps  put into investment groups as  an add-on?

   I don’t know about you, but I like the insurance I have and believe strongly hat we have to put our actions towards FIXING Medicare and Social Security and not give deep cuts in these programs that many depend on?

  We don’t need national health care that is over priced, over government, and most likely lines for medical help? Look at Europe and see what I mean. This is wrong and I hope you have the guts to start addressing this and  not sweep under the rug! Scrap National Health Care and get to the real problems at hand Mr. Obama!

With Respect,

Robert L.  Jones


 The Catholic American


  Watching Fox News and CNN Television I notice that the Tea party Movement has gained strength as their convention meets in Nashville, TN this week. Why is this so? Why are people going toward them and leaving the standard parties we have? The Democrats and Republicans?

  Many voters are worried  about the high debt (Trillions) with a capital T and the reckless spending by those in office. First the Republicans and now the Democratic Party. Unemployment is climbing at a steady rate and our growing loan obligation to Red China.  Talk of the dollar deflation and going to the Euro Dollar all together! Elected leaders not listening to what we have to say.

   Mine you, this is not a new idea. There were third parties before that came and gone.  For example, The Know Nothings, When asked “I know nothing.” The Bull Moose Party By Theodore Roosevelt ( whom this writer likes very much) leaves the Republicans to prove a party of crusaders in 1912. The Ross Perot Party in 1992  going up against George Bush and Bill Clinton .  This still common in Europe.

 How about government controlled banks, automotive, and loan companies? Our nation established that business be free of government control and people have “free will” toward their own futures! Not the government controlling what we do!   Why we see in this writer’s opinion, people such as Sarah Palin and others going toward the Tea party. False lead and now realize that this is not the way for us to go. Not to mention the corruption.

  I am not a Tea party person but a Democrat. I am watching the action and taking notes that the Democrats in office better heed warning! People are upset about Unemployment, debts and reckless spending. There will be a revolt in America this fall. Not by violent, but by the all mighty vote that will get rid of those who feel they are above the laws and  above the United States Constitution! The founders are rolling in the graves now. Not what Jefferson or  Hamilton would have wanted! Tea Party ideas makes  sense.