From the Chicago Sun Times

Philadelphia, PA.

‘Philadelphia prosecutors have rested after five weeks of evidence against an abortion provider charged with killing a patient and seven babies. The move comes after a whistleblower said she saw more than 10 babies breathe before they were killed at Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Clinic. Witness Kareema Cross also saw three babies move limbs and fourth made a sound. ”

In this writer’s opinion, it stands the reason why of more proof that we have to over turn Roe V. Wade and how anyone who may really go along with this stuff and feel it is right makes me dumb struck!



  The Catholic church is at war with Congress over Obama Care. The reason is that it covers abortion , birth control and forcing  hospitals that are under Catholicism to comply to the law or be fined according to The Week.com  webpage.   

  In my opinion, as a Catholic, the government has no place to tell anyone or any religion what to do or how to offer anything to its  employees! This is called unconstitutional on all fronts.

  Our founding fathers would (are) turning in the graves now.   Consider that the constitution was started on religious principles !   How sad to see if we let it! See story below.




Good food for thought and for the soul for that matter. That is what counts. Here it is. That is what this all about.  As the song said ” Someone Bigger Then You And I.’


God, Our father, you call each of us by name, and you treasure each of us individually as though no else exist. inspire us to respect and value each person who comes into our lives this day. Amen.


From Marjorie Dannenfelser Susan B. Anthony List President and correspondent.

  I know you may still be recovering from the disappointment of the passage of the pro-abortion health care reform. Some  pro-life  Democrats decision to accept President Obama’s meaningless executive order was heartbreaking and the SBA List has vowed to see pro-life leaders elected in those districts at the midterm elections.

  Laws save lives! An  Legislative solution has come about! Congressman Joe Pitts ‘PROTECT LIFE ACT H. B. 5111! The order signed by Obama does nothing to stop tax dollars to be used for abortion! Here is some facts:

— The order will not hold up in court as stated by the United States Catholic Bishops. The statutory mandate construed by the courts would override any executive order and the funding of abortion.

–The healthcare bill directly appropriates nearly $11 billion in taxpayer fund for co-ops and high risk insurance pools which are unregulated by the executive order and allows for taxpayers money for abortion.  Requires people and health insurance plans to be covered by this.

  Please contact your member of congress and ask them to support the  Protect Life Act of Congressman Pitt! Bill 5111! (See the S.B.A. Web page at www.sba-list.org. ) CONGRESS.ORG AT www.congress.org today!

   In this writer’s opinion, thank your congressperson too if he or she voted NO to Obama Care! Hopefully the people will speak and congress will overturn this Socialist bill!




Dear Reader-

   Here’s a web page post on an interesting subject, “How To Be a Conservative Democrat.” Goes on to say that a Republican is conservative and a Democrat Liberal.  That is not true. Many Conservative Democrats are for Pro life, Guns, and being a nation debt free. Such the case for Sen. Ben Nelson, Joe Lieberman, Congressman Copper of TN. State and Dan Lipinski of Illinois for example.  Anyway here it is.  Happy reading. It’s an interesting post by E-How Network.

“How To Be A Conservative Democrat” by E-How Print:



 P.S.- On a similar note, lets not forget that today is December 7th. Don’t forget Pearl Harbor Day and  September 11, 2001-  Patriot Day. Remember our good soldiers and why they help make our nations great!



   I was watching a new story on Channel Seven News in Chicago on the use of the  Umbilical  Cord use from the mother to later save lives of those with problems such as Cancer and other deadly diseases. I believe as you do that this is the answer to medical professionals over Full Stem Cell Research.  This is again wrong, as both agree, and here is why I feel that way.

    This writer believes this is the correct way to go. It don’t involve any moral objections and  would be useful to help others. The good thing is that there is more blood type but less blood to use. Only a few ounces. The mother has to fill out paperwork to give her official consent to do so.  The cord would be otherwise thrown away.  

  Once again,  Full Stem Cell Research is wrong and murder of a human life. Even in early stages. UMBILICAL CORD use is not only a good use of science but a way to find a cure to Cancer or other problems.  Otherwise  could take years to have an answer.  Full Stem Cell Research and abortion is not! Glad to see that this is finally sinking in!

Goggle ABCNEWSCHICAGO.COM for the story.  You will find it there. Very Interesting.


   I was listening to C.B.S  ‘Face The Nation’ program and it was announced that Vice president Biden suggested that troops be removed and drone airplanes be used  only to fly against terrorists. This reader has to disagree to Biden for two main points. His idea would cause defeat for our great nation and a victory for the terrorists.

   First, how are we going to win this war on terror using only  drone airplanes to do the work in the Middle East? Yes they may have some devices to track ground movement but to isolate the terrorists is to use ground troops to get the job done. Looking in those hard to see places and destroy terrorist headquarters. Use CIA information and that from generals on the ground fighting.  Second, we have to get  politics out of war. Its time let the generals do their jobs free hand and keep Washington out of this war! This is what caused the defeat in Vietnam. Plus the lost to those in war fighting lost in vain!

   Finally, using drone airplanes and handcuff  the CIA for example will only help the cause of the terrorists. As Americans, we have to stand up and fight to end this war on terror once and for all and them bring our troops home in honor and most of all safe. . To put our nation’s sake on the line is wrong. So is playing baby sitter toward the terrorists. What is Biden thinking? He knows better being on  senate committees that handle these types of problems!



See the story about how the White House has Fox News as the enemy. I thought that we had a war on to fight, Social Security Medicare problems, and more lost of jobs? Oh well. What do I know?  Control by groups such as  the SCIU Union and Acorn over us over that of freedom of speech and thought process?   NOT!