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Here’s a sad story we hope is not true about a little girl and her mom. We hope this is false and if not, something has to be done. Old and young among them. God Bless.





Austin, TX.

A federal judge on Friday threw out new Texas abortion restrictions that would have closed more than a dozen clinics in the state. U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel sided with the clinics that sued over one of the most disputed measures of sweeping anti-abortion bill signed by Republican Governor Rick Perry in 2013.


Interesting that Obama is busy fund raising when we have so much problems in the country and the world today. It seems he is staying away from problems not addressing them. Why is it so?

In a nut shell, could it be he is worried that a conservative congress could be in power this time next year? Funny how congressmen are running from the president. If so, could be impeached for high crimes against the United States Constitution? Will he drag others down with him? We will see.

Abortion Rights Law Blocked.

Mississippi’s effort to close the last of the states abortion clinics was blocked in federal appeals court. Advocates for the new law said women could go to other states but the judges said that every state must guarantee constitutional rights including abortion.

The Fifth district U.S. Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to overturn that state’s law requiring abortion doctors to obtain privileges at near by hospitals. To bad. The fight moves on!

Lets hope all is well after the November elections and a change of personnel is in the works. Vote conservative in your state! Get rid of the liberals and their funny ideas!

The Gay Pride Parades.

Let me see? It is ok to be gay? Gay marriage, going against what God says over and over in the Bible? We see what happened in the Book Of Genesis 19 Sodom and Gomorrah. What God thought about this. Once again, Marriage is between a man and woman nothing else.

What is next? Many wives or husbands, marry your mother, (sorry about that one), or other things? This is where this is going down the road. Just a matter of time a person will try this.

Mine you, dear reader, I am not a hate runner of gay people. Many are nice. I don’t believe in their cause as a Catholic. I also feel that this is pushing their opinions onto me. That is this writer’s opinion. Only causing bad feelings to those who may disagree and go over board.

See story:


The government has a plan in case of a zombie attack? Really? Just someone playing mind games and a case of a bad television movie. The only time the dead will return is when the Lord comes back on Judgement Day and those we love return with him . That time those here when the world ends will be judges. REPENT NOW………..

See silly story below.



The National Rifle association began their fight back of 5 million strong membership of Bloomberg anti-gun movement against honest sportspeople who like to hunt, fish, or camp outside. Good for them! That is their rights!

As a member of the NRA myself, I am a sportsman. I don’t hunt with AK 47 ‘s or any type of dangerous weapons used in war-time as Bloomberg likes people to think! He is entitled to his opinion and what it is, HIS OPINION ONLY! That is what makes America great.

Not turn over the constitution and bend or make up new rules or radical ideas because some have hidden ideas or want to force their own opinions and that is it. Not he or those in the Whitehouse. That is unconstitutional an very un-American indeed!