With all this hype on the movie “The Interview” I want to add my five cents worth on this matter. This writer wonders? Is this truly a North Koreans hack job or a matter of Hollywood, once again, putting out a movie that is bad all the way around?

Now time to put a ‘spin’ If I may say to save face on a big lost and it’s working for the better! The North Koreans were even cleared of the matter now blaming a employee? A congressional hearing in the works? Hum? Really?

Looks in this writer’s eyes as a hype and good spin doctors to make good a movie that had no legs to go on from the get go. That in its self would make for a good spy movie? What do I know? Only my five cent worth?




The National Rifle association began their fight back of 5 million strong membership of Bloomberg anti-gun movement against honest sportspeople who like to hunt, fish, or camp outside. Good for them! That is their rights!

As a member of the NRA myself, I am a sportsman. I don’t hunt with AK 47 ‘s or any type of dangerous weapons used in war-time as Bloomberg likes people to think! He is entitled to his opinion and what it is, HIS OPINION ONLY! That is what makes America great.

Not turn over the constitution and bend or make up new rules or radical ideas because some have hidden ideas or want to force their own opinions and that is it. Not he or those in the Whitehouse. That is unconstitutional an very un-American indeed!



Chicago Tribune


Little Rock, AR.

‘The nations most restrictive abortion law is set to take effect in Arkansas later this year after that states house of representatives on Wednesday overrode Gov. Mike Beebe’s veto of legislation mostly banning the procedure after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The Republican – controlled House voted 56-33 to over ride the veto, which followed the state senate override Tuesday. The law, the Arkansas Human Heart Beat Protection Act will go into effect 90 days after the formal adjournment of the session scheduled for May the 17th.

The measure prevents most abortions by 12 weeks of pregnancy once a fetal heartbeat can be detected by a standard ultrasound . It includes a exemptions for rape, incest or the danger of the mother.’

Good for them in our opinion! There should be more of these laws that would close down abortion mills and the death that come with it as in the PA. story given below! Governor Beebe should also be ashamed of himself.


 Lord, You invite all who are burdened to come to you. Allow you healing hand to heal me. Touch my soul with your compassion for others. Touch my heart with your courage and love for all.

 Touch  my mind with your wisdom, that my mouth  will proclaim  your praise. Teach me   to reach  out to  my needs and help me lead others  to you  by my example. Touch  gently this life which you have created now and forever, AMEN!

By Maryellen  Pierranunzi




p.s. pray for that new storm to end in FLA. And LA. States

Re: Iran The Threat Today.

 So much going on in the Middle-East today. Iran going ahead with an atomic power plant to get “energy’ and put pressure on  England and France by cutting off oil supply to them. Now they are threat Israel and the United States. Israel is ready to take action to defend itself.

 In this writer’s opinion, NO Way! We have to continue the pressure of ‘In the pocketbook’ cutting off any money to Iran and build the KeyStone Pipeline project from Canada to Texas now. Why are people in environmental worried? I too am an environmentalist and know it can be done in safe guide lines.  No damage to wildlife and landscapes.

 Israel has every right to worry. They are a direct threat from a man who like  to eliminate the Jewish  and the U.S. from the Earth. Iran has to be addressed now before they have a bomb and learn how to use it!  Not wait and hope it goes away. That will not happen.


From the Chicago Sun-Times


 An Illinois abortion clinic was finally closed by the State Of Illinois for violations for health and safety  up to $9,750. Wednesday. The N.I.W.C  Clinic in Rockford,  Illinois was closed by order of Dr. Ken Soyemi the health department acting director. Protesters were out in force picketing over under trained staff and unclean conditions at the clinic. It was planned to reopen but was closed for good.

 In the Catholic American’s opinion, good! This stands the reason why we have to continue the good fight in the War Against Abortion in America! To close abortion clinics, elect candidates (Democrats or Republican ) who respect life from start to finish, and finally, over turn Roe V. Wade  as soon as possible. 

  Not to mention cut funding to Plan Parenthood and Obama Care that funds abortions. Along with ending  assisted suicides of the old!  That should be one of the top 10 ‘To Do’ on the list of congress in the 2012-2013 year. Nothing less finally!

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