Just heard that little Sara, the girl who had a lung transplant long ago, has Pneumonia in on one of her new lungs. The hospital will not give any information for the reasons of private of course. Very sad. Please pray for her and the firefighters killed in AZ. God Bless you and hope you get well fast!



One in six people struggle with hunger. Tell your Facebook friends that you are joining Feed America helping these people in need. Over 50 million Americans struggle to get enough to eat. Let your Twitter followers know how Feeding America is helping your neighbors.

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A federal judge ruled in favor of a young girl in moving into the adult transplant faster in order to save her life. We learned of this today she has little time to live unless she gets a lung transplant now. She lives in PA. State. The battle was between her and the government.

We will pray for her and all who are ill and homeless. Along with the unemployed, military, and old. God bless you and all of us!

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See the page below to see how to fight hunger in our country. No one here should be in a position of need in our great nation. That is 47.8 in need as you and I read this. Young, old and those in bad need such as lost of job or war time. See below and God bless ……..

“I give you a new commandment: love one another, As I have loved you so you also should love one another. This is how all will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

John 13:34-35


A shocker hit the world today as Pope Benedict XVI  announced his retirement as of February 28th. His reasons are due to health reasons that would make him unable to do his duties. The cardinals will meet soon to decide who will be the new pope. The cardinals have the task of electing a candidate for the pope office among those cardinals interested in the job.

Pope Benedict was installed in 2006 after Pope John Paul II passed away. He is currently the 265 pope to hold the position in Rome. I am not sure if he is the first to “retire?” By rule, the job is his for life . I am sure the duties are many and lots of paperwork and pressure to go along with the job. Better to be honest with himself than get wrose health wise. (That is number one in anyones book. )   Be interesting however to see who the new one will be in the coming months. See story at l


What is the answer to people who get guns and use it for bad reasons? This writer believes that study of mental illness is the answer along with  enforcing what is in the books as far as background checks and background in general is concerned before buying a gun.  We don’t need to have additional laws that stop an honest sportsmen from owning a gun or to protect his or her homes. That is flat Communism at work.


I think Sen. Lieberman is correct on his opinion of violent of movies and video games that help push this type of behavior.  I wondered after seeing a zombie movie ‘DAWN OF THE DEAD’  and wonder what a person sees and how this effect their thinking after a while? The same with some video games that underaged people  can still buy at the stores. I will spare the movie details of what I seen in ten minutes before switching it off!

I also think that poor disdain in the home adds to fault of how a child grows up later in life. (Spare the rod and spoil the child.)  Mental illness has to be addressed but how? My state of Illinois is broke and is cutting 167 million of mental health studies from the programs. The question is how can Illinois or the United States study mental illness when we are at a cliff ready to fall off? The other is easy. That is the question Sen. Lieberman and the senate has to address.