Abortion Rights Law Blocked.

Mississippi’s effort to close the last of the states abortion clinics was blocked in federal appeals court. Advocates for the new law said women could go to other states but the judges said that every state must guarantee constitutional rights including abortion.

The Fifth district U.S. Court of Appeals voted 2-1 to overturn that state’s law requiring abortion doctors to obtain privileges at near by hospitals. To bad. The fight moves on!

Lets hope all is well after the November elections and a change of personnel is in the works. Vote conservative in your state! Get rid of the liberals and their funny ideas!



President Obama was a little upset at congress for not passing important bills along he feels is important. Addressing a crowd and sounding like a choked chicken getting it feathers plucked? Thanks to conservatives and Republicans and Democrats included, they not ready to put out their own neck for this guy.

Pass the buck Mr. President? Hum? How are you going to increase the wages and not put business out of business? How about the unions controlling business and not give a care about the workers? What about the illegals coming in and nothing done to address this serious problem? You know terrorists are out there? Waiting to get in and kill more Americans. Why are liberals so against the rights to bear arms and free speech?

Instead of passing the buck, work with the congress and stop the blame when it your fault and not one else! Do your job or your out! Congress included. This writer said as your employer!


Yes, ‘Big Brother is watching. Bad enough to try and run over the constitution on a regular basis, but now got caught with ‘the hand in the cookie jar’ if we may say and now are paying for it.

See here from C-Span



Make a good case on why he should be president in 2016? Going for Reagan Democrats as well as his fellow Republicans. That is what the G.O.P. should do at election time to combat abortion, anti-God, as well as other things. We will see.



Very sad.Read on………………….

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You won’t recognize me. My name was Antonio Santiago and I was the 13-month old child who was shot at point blank range by two teens who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick GA determined the teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty…too bad I was given a death sentence for being innocent and defenseless.

My family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder was not ruled a Hate Crime. Nor did President Obama take so much as a single moment to acknowledge my murder.

I am one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media doesn’t care to cover the story of my tragic demise, President Obama has no children who could possibly look like me – so he doesn’t care and the media doesn’t care because my story is not interesting enough to bring them ratings so they can sell commercial time slots.

There is not a white equivalent of Al Sharpton because if there was he would be declared racist, so there is no one rushing to Brunswick GA to demand justice for me. There is no White Panther party to put a bounty on the lives of those who murdered me. I have no voice, I have no representation and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.

So while you are seeking justice for Treyvon, please remember to seek justice for me too. Tell your friends about me, tell you families, get tee shirts with my face on them and make the world pay attention, just like you did for Treyvon.

Thank you.

Sent by Tom our Catholic Ace reporter. NICE WORK TOM !


THE “HOTSHOTS’ a firefighter unit was killed in Prescott AZ. today fighting a dangerous fire. Coming from a police and fire fighter family, this is very sad. Please pray for them, that this fire is safely put out, and to all.



Dr. Gosnell, the abortion doctor got life on two counts yesterday on killing three babies and a lady who came into his shop for an abortion. The pro-life and pro-choise people call this a good verdict. Really? How could pro- abortion go 360 degrees in one day?

Our question to Plan Parenthood? How could this be a ‘good call’ when they aid abortion, aid plan parenthood such as birth control, and even vote for pro- abortion candidates for office? President Obama for an example or even Biden?

This writer seen the videos on how they perform abortions and once again, will spare the details here. See wwww.priestforlife.org for the facts.

Mind you, WARNING ON THIS . Not for a weak of heart. Finally, good the jury found this murder guilty! Once again only supports why we have to overturn Roe V. Wade once and for all and rid pro-abortion candidates Republican or Democrat liberals at election time by the power of the ballot!


What? Pro-life and Democrat? Can’t be pro-life and be a Democrat? We once heard on the Catholic Radio Station from a caller. Yes there are and many too! See link below.


Cardinal Francis George issued a letter Tuesday calling laws permitting same-sex marriage  a ‘legal friction’ and directing Catholics to contact state legislators about the proposed gay marriage bill. His statement comes days after Rep. Greg Harris Chicago and State Sen. Heather Steans Chicago introduced the bill in the general assembly.

The Cardinal finishes by saying’ Doses this  mean nature is cruel? No Nature is what it is and that is the way it is.’ Rick Garica of the Civil Rights Agenda’s Equal Marriage Illinois a ‘secular project that should not worry the church and people have rights to do what they want.’

In this writer’s opinion, We agree with the cardinal. Marriage is between a man and woman in marriage.  We only  have to see what the Bible says about Homosexuals in early Chapters?  Also, It not constitutional as there is a separation of church and state . This begun as we know by the founding fathers. The government  has no business telling a church  or us as citizens what  to do! What next? Have seven wifes or husbands? Marry your sister or brother?

The U.S. Constitution  has to be continued because as we see it. First freedom to worship. Next, take away the freedom of speech and press. Next Take away the right to bear arms and protect our homes. Finally, you freedom altogether. Is this what we want? No If you live in Illinois, go to www.catholic.org and find the leadership of both parties and say NO  unconstitutional ideas and radicalism !

Chicago Suntimes January 3, 2013

www.congress.org  go to state government.

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It looked like a bad boxing match in the making. One fighter ready and swinging and the other tired and a ‘ punching bag.’ That is how this debate looked. Romney looking presidential having good answers and Obama looking out matched and hope for anything that is believable. Best part on the constitution. Do we now wish to dump it at the curve? Final  Question? Are you better off now than four years ago? I don’t think so.  See more at www.cpan.org