The USDA with the push of the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Group  spreading the word about farm  conservation bills. Good for them. The American Farmer is important for our nation and  part of the backbone of who we are. We can’t forget them and how important the family farm is to our country!  Just as T.R. felt and acted  on in his time!  see the story here.




 I am writing today in regards to the NAACP and their claims to the Tea Party having members who are throwing racial remarks such as ” Hang Obama’ and ‘ Hang Holder.” They want the Tea Party to renounce the remarks made and calling Sarah Palin a racist.  Is this true or false to try to rebound a failing policies?

  I seen many Tea Party rallies on television  and there have been no remarks of race given or of remarks referring to a person.  There have been ‘PROUD TO BE AMERICAN, NO MORE SPENDING, AND SAVE AMERICA ‘ for example. Before it’s too late to do anything such as the oil problem in the Gulf.

 This writer agrees with the Tea Party on many of their issues for example. I to want to win the war, stop overspending, and save our country as a conservative Democrat. I vote on issue and person and issue over party. That is, put the country first not get lazy and wreak thier  ideas as crazy.

 This writer also see this as the last call for the radicals. They know they are on the way out in November and have to use the old race card as last defense. Un luckily  for them, people see through this act.  Same old, same old by this group and people such as  Jesse Jackson.  Just as they tried in Washington with health care and the speaker of the house and others saying they were spit on and called bad names. Not true. No facts to back this story up.

   Why has the NAACP addressed THE   NEW BLACK PANTHERS and  their stunt throwing racism remarks and threats the polling place? Wouldn’t this be threats to voters and  against the constitution in general ? What would happen if there  were three  Klansmen who  did this? They would have been arrested fast!!

  Yes there is racism here. If the NAACP was serious, they would address issues as racism of all kinds here. Jewish, Catholic, Indian, or Irish for example. Not pick and choose to what will fit their groups needs and hope it will work to feed to  voter ‘s fears and hope to aid their falling  base not serious issues by  this November  in this writer’s opinion.  Give us all  a break Mr Jealous. Lets address racism together and not use it for a worn out excuse for a losing cause!


 The issue of abortion has been an issue for very one time. Good to see people stepping up to the plate to address the issue ( PROBLEM ) of abortion today.  This writer feels that until the law is overturned, abortion has to be stopped, not with violent, but by laws and the all mighty vote!

  The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA) awards grants money to the states to help women in other ways over abortion from the year 2010-2019  started by U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D) PA. and Lincoln Davis (D) TN. State Also  with help from Democrats For Life and Pro-life groups.

  The funds have limits however. They must be used to help and support pregnant women and parenting teens  and women who face the moment of truth.   Once passed (WE HOPE) the law will begin to do the following:

*Institutions of higher learning to establish and maintain parent pregnant student services over abortion, give support with teens, and teenager parents.

*State attorney generals to assist pregnant women who are victims of sexual attacks, domestic violence, sexual violent acts, and stalking  issues.

*Increase Public awareness toward services women such as WIC, SCHIP, CHILDCARE, LEGAL ASSISTANCE, AND OTHER TARGETED SUPPORT SERVICES TO THEM.


   It is also known that Republicans in congress are positioning themselves to defeat Blue Dog Democrats in the coming fall elections. In this writer’s opinion, Good for the conservative Democrats! The Republicans  in due respect should join us to address ending abortions for example and not worry about how they will defeat us. 

  In respect, they did nothing on their watch to address the abortion issue but are willing to defeat Democrats who agree with them on abortion, gun rights, and saving money!  And many who are good Catholics also! That is not putting America first?

   Finally, the new law being worked on will do much to help stop abortion in America. Help to young teens or abortion,  programs that will help teenagers, and more interaction by the states to address stalking and sexual violent. The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act is a good step in the right direction in this writer’s opinion!! See full story at DEMOCRATS FOR LIFE OF AMERICA @ www.democratsforlife.org



From  Tim Dyhouse V.F.W. Wire


   The V.F.W. Commander In Chief Thomas J. Tradewell was meeting with the Senate and House Veteran Committees to speak about care of veterans and the state of the VA. “America’s veterans and military retirees look to you-our champions in congress-to protect both programs to do so vocally at every opportunity. ”  

   Chairman of the House VA Committee Rep. Bob Filner (D) CA. promised  to put the concerns of the vets at the top of the list. Here are some of the ideas presented by Commander Tradewell to the congress:

#Medical Care Allocate 52 Billion toward veteran care for year 2011 and enroll 125, 000 new Category 8 veterans into the VA health care system the next four years.

#Mental health Care-Develop strong outreach and education programs utilize meaningful post deployment health assessments and urge vets to reach out to new members.

#Family caregivers-Support–  S 1963 and assistance for all caregivers but oppose a program mandate without the necessary funding.

#POW/MIA -Have congress fund programs to fully account for those still missing in action and to bring them home.

#Post 9-11 GI Bill- To assist in College and living stipends.

  In the opinion of the Catholic American, Good. Our veterans put their lives on the line for the number one reason, FREEDOM for us here! We as good citizens should honor them not only on Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day, but all year round for the fine work they do!  In this writer’s opinion,  past and present wars. God Bless!


e-mail -tdyhouse@vfw.org


  In President Obama’s State Of The Union Address, he now a “moderate” working for the people and their problems.  Plans to cut taxes for business. Why the change?  Interesting indeed. Lets take a look to find out why the sudden change in plans now?

 Obama fails in his plans to have National Health Care or Socialist care with Scott Brown now added  to the senate. He is now trying to hide the defeat by taking up other causes such as the working people. Hope that the health care fades away. 

 Too bad or maybe good people see this guy for what he is. Trying to fool us into taking in his tall stories as a far Leftist in moderate clothing. Anti- banking, anti-business, and even anti supreme court.  If  the administration would have done this from the start, not as a way to steer attention away from failure. The economy taking the hardest hit!  Have tax breaks for business. Continue the Bush tax cuts. Boast the dollar!

  Finally,Yes congress needs to address the problems we have today. High unemployment, falling dollar, and anti-business measures. Action is  the answer, not lip service by this president playing us as fools! Now is the time to do something for the people and to listen to us!