Here is a nice piece I found that goes well with Memorial Day and on to months ahead we found at Church. Author unknown.  Have a nice weekend.


‘Heavenly father, You are the real foundation of nations. raising them up to serve and care for the people dwelling in their boundaries.  I thank you for making me a citizen of this land of freedom and unlimited opportunity these United States.

Send forth your spirit to this country and make it a source of wisdom and strength, order and integrity throughout the world. ‘ Have  a Nice Memorial Day Weekend and God Bless our Troops. They have and are doing a fine job!



 In Clarksdale Mississippi, Gail Giaramita is going door to door in general to announce a new bill or law, INITIATIVE 26. That is if you believe that the unborn are human beings, then vote yes. if you want to kill the unborn, vote no. That is that.

 For the pro-life side this could be the answer to over turning Roe V Wade in the United States by state rights. Proponents call this a scare tactic and would keep a woman from getting birth control and other help from clinics. Civil Libbers and other group vow to take it to that state highest court to be defeated.

 In this writer’s opinion, good for the state of Mississippi! For too long abortion has been going on and with the killing of the unborn! As a  Catholic, I seen pictures of what is done and I will not tell what they are here. ( see www. priestsforlife.org  for that.)  I will say that life doses start in the womb at an early stage and deserves to be brought into the world.

 I am glad that state has this on the table and that other states will follow suit such as my state of Illinois. Even our governor in due respect jumping on the band wagon by hosting a  pro abortions award dinner! 

 The pro-life forces even had to take the state to court over a pro-life  licence plate the state didn’t feel we should display. The governor, general assembly, and the heads of the dmv.  What gives? The bottom line is,  abortion is evil and has to be ended now!  Pray that this passes and the ball gets rolling so to speak.


Dear readers

  It’s appalling that the State Department has been rushing headlong toward approval of the Key Stone XL tar pipeline, which could devastate  the environments in both Canada and the United States. Tar sand have been called the ‘most destructive project on earth’ because it is laying waste to the great Borealk Forest , obliterating migratory bird nesting grounds and spewing excessive global warming pollution . In addition transporting the world’s most dirtiest oil to refineries in Texas  and threaten  birds and other wildlife there. 

    This  area for example , will be in the path of this and threaten American heartland ‘s most entire ecosystems and drinking water supplies while rasing gas prices in the Midwest. This is not what God wants of us when he states we have command of the fish in the sea and beasts on the earth. ( See Bible first chapter.)  This seems t o be a continued pattern going back  to the days of President  Theodore Roosevelt vs. those who wish to “improve .”

  Call on President Obama and the State Department  and  tell them this is not in our nation’s best interest and serves no one in the long run.  There has to be other cleaner ideas to use to get oil we need? Harming  wildlife areas are not one of them.  See the web link below and stop the Key Stone XL pipeline!




Birmingham, AL. –



  Alabama Governor Robert Bentley on Wednesday signed  into law a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, making it the fifth state to enact such a restriction this year. The law goes into effect September 1.  The measure which was approved by the large majorities in both chambers of the Republican controlled legislature, makes performing such procedures a felony, with no exceptions.

  Alabama law currently allows abortion up to  the stage of fetal viability usually up to the stages 24 to 26 weeks gestation.  Good for them! Too bad it the South who have the good ideas into action in this writer’s opinion!


From the Chicago SunTimes Paper

   A U.S. Appeals Court Thursday over turned a ruling that had found unconstitutional a law that required the president to proclaim a national day of prayer each year. The  7th  U.S. Court Of Appeals in Chicago said the group that brought the challenge. The Freedom From Religion Foundation had no standing to do so because the law commands only the president to take action.

  The court reversed a federal judge in Wisconsin and ordered the case to be dismissed. In the Opinion of the Catholic American good. It’s called freedom of religion. If you don’t want to pray or for that matter go to church, don’t. Please don’t push your opinions  on the rest of us! Your hurting only yourself. Go to church!

GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!


 In the TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE 9-11 ATTACKS,  this September, a new national memorial will open on the site of the twin towers. This eight acre park will include an interactive museum honoring the 2,982 people who lost their lives that day and the 1993 World Trade bombings.  They need our help. Looking for pictures, notes, and personal data on those who lost their lives. In other words, put a human face to the story. The idea is to show how they made our lives special .’ said Amy Weinstien Associate Curator of the 911 Memorial.  This to help the healing process as time goes on.  In this writer’s opinion in lite of  what happened this pass week getting rid of a terrorist, a   good idea.


see more at www.parade.com/911


By Father Thomas Rosica-

  This past January, I was attending the World Youth Day 2011 International Preparatory Meeting of the Episcopal Conferences of the world, which includes leaders of international youth movements and the Spanish national team for world Youth Day 2011, taken place  in the Royal Monastery of El Escorial in the mountains outside Madrid in Spain.  On the Friday of our meetings, they  were interrupted when Cardinal Stanislas Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council for the laity at the Vatican.  Made the important announcement to share.

  Pope Benedict  XVI had approved the miracle attributed to the venerable Servant Of God, POPE JOHN PAUL II, thus clearing the way for his beatification. Cardinal Rylko then announced that Pope Benedict himself, would formally proclaim John Paul ‘Blessed on May 1, 2011 during a ceremony in St Peters Square at the Vatican.  In this writer’s opinion, Good for Pope John Paul! He deserves the time in the light and in many people’s opinions, is the best of the best of popes in our time! See more of the story at