Dear friends

  Good to be back after a short vacation.  Very interesting story I heard on  The Glenn Beck Show today. The 8-28 Movement and who is behind this to “CHANGE AMERICA.” Not for the better I may add. Go to  Glenn’s web page at www.glennbeck.com to see why. Then  I ask  you to do your own homework. Don’t take our word for it! Scary Stuff! Then make up your own mind. This writer believes you will agree. Scary once again.



 I am writing today in regards to the NAACP and their claims to the Tea Party having members who are throwing racial remarks such as ” Hang Obama’ and ‘ Hang Holder.” They want the Tea Party to renounce the remarks made and calling Sarah Palin a racist.  Is this true or false to try to rebound a failing policies?

  I seen many Tea Party rallies on television  and there have been no remarks of race given or of remarks referring to a person.  There have been ‘PROUD TO BE AMERICAN, NO MORE SPENDING, AND SAVE AMERICA ‘ for example. Before it’s too late to do anything such as the oil problem in the Gulf.

 This writer agrees with the Tea Party on many of their issues for example. I to want to win the war, stop overspending, and save our country as a conservative Democrat. I vote on issue and person and issue over party. That is, put the country first not get lazy and wreak thier  ideas as crazy.

 This writer also see this as the last call for the radicals. They know they are on the way out in November and have to use the old race card as last defense. Un luckily  for them, people see through this act.  Same old, same old by this group and people such as  Jesse Jackson.  Just as they tried in Washington with health care and the speaker of the house and others saying they were spit on and called bad names. Not true. No facts to back this story up.

   Why has the NAACP addressed THE   NEW BLACK PANTHERS and  their stunt throwing racism remarks and threats the polling place? Wouldn’t this be threats to voters and  against the constitution in general ? What would happen if there  were three  Klansmen who  did this? They would have been arrested fast!!

  Yes there is racism here. If the NAACP was serious, they would address issues as racism of all kinds here. Jewish, Catholic, Indian, or Irish for example. Not pick and choose to what will fit their groups needs and hope it will work to feed to  voter ‘s fears and hope to aid their falling  base not serious issues by  this November  in this writer’s opinion.  Give us all  a break Mr Jealous. Lets address racism together and not use it for a worn out excuse for a losing cause!