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‘Abortion providers are going to court with Arizona over new limits of abortion inducing drugs. The federal lawsuit announced Wednesday by Planned Parenthood Arizona and the Center for Reproductive rights alleges the new law block the ability of many women to use medication abortions. The rule are set to take effect April 1st. ‘

Hi. Was on vacation and good to back with you all! As this writer stated before, this is wrong Abortion as you dear reader know have taken Have a look at a pass post we put up on how they do abortions, you would agree with what we are posting here. WARNING That post is not for the faint of heart but needed to show liberals and others how misinformed they are on this.


The Gay Pride Parades.

Let me see? It is ok to be gay? Gay marriage, going against what God says over and over in the Bible? We see what happened in the Book Of Genesis 19 Sodom and Gomorrah. What God thought about this. Once again, Marriage is between a man and woman nothing else.

What is next? Many wives or husbands, marry your mother, (sorry about that one), or other things? This is where this is going down the road. Just a matter of time a person will try this.

Mine you, dear reader, I am not a hate runner of gay people. Many are nice. I don’t believe in their cause as a Catholic. I also feel that this is pushing their opinions onto me. That is this writer’s opinion. Only causing bad feelings to those who may disagree and go over board.

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As we know, President Obama ‘State Of The Union Address ‘ stating his upcoming programs going into 2016. However, getting no help from Republicans and conservative Democrats in congress. He plans to go at this by himself using executive orders. Going over the will of congress.

I find this header on the story a sorry one and feel sorry for the president. He wants to in act his programs but the majority of Americans reject what he is doing for example, Obama Care. High cost and lost of a favorite doctor. He did this to himself when he could have met in the middle. The old saying goes, ‘Get more bees with honey than with vinegar.”



THE “HOTSHOTS’ a firefighter unit was killed in Prescott AZ. today fighting a dangerous fire. Coming from a police and fire fighter family, this is very sad. Please pray for them, that this fire is safely put out, and to all.