HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just kidding. Janet Yellen named to be fed chairman of the reserve. Will she make a different? We wonder?

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From the Chicago Sun-Times


 An Illinois abortion clinic was finally closed by the State Of Illinois for violations for health and safety  up to $9,750. Wednesday. The N.I.W.C  Clinic in Rockford,  Illinois was closed by order of Dr. Ken Soyemi the health department acting director. Protesters were out in force picketing over under trained staff and unclean conditions at the clinic. It was planned to reopen but was closed for good.

 In the Catholic American’s opinion, good! This stands the reason why we have to continue the good fight in the War Against Abortion in America! To close abortion clinics, elect candidates (Democrats or Republican ) who respect life from start to finish, and finally, over turn Roe V. Wade  as soon as possible. 

  Not to mention cut funding to Plan Parenthood and Obama Care that funds abortions. Along with ending  assisted suicides of the old!  That should be one of the top 10 ‘To Do’ on the list of congress in the 2012-2013 year. Nothing less finally!

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From The Chicago Tribune 07-19-10 Edition

  Angry regarding paying for abortions in National Health Care and disconcert by Washington,  A bill was passed by the Louisiana House Of Representatives and signed by the Governor Bobby Jindal against the administration’s wishes that  would leave  out abortion care under this bill. Frank Hoffman a representative there  states that’ this is a proud day and our state is very pro-life. ‘ 

  As of now, National Health Care covers abortion using taxpayer’s money. This includes clinic visits and birth control methods offered by these  places. In this writer’s opinion,  scary. Way to go Governor Jindal! This is immoral and good to see the brakes put on now. 

   Not what Catholics wish to see and if continued, partial birth abortion put back into law!  To read more about this, go to the Chicago tribune online at