Senator Lieberman went public to urge the party to go more moderate on issues in light of the defeat in Mass State and congressman moving away from Obama this election.

   In this writer’s opinion, I agree wholehearted. In order to regain trust and votes, we have to go more conservative as Democrats on abortion, spending, and winning this war.

  We will only regain congress by leaving radical ideas that will hurt this great nation. That is, Far left out of touch reasons that will not work!  Trust is earned and not given. Once more, Good for Sen. Lieberman! 

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www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/19/lieberman-urges-party-to-n 428686.html




   Legislation is being introduces By Sen. Durbin  that would keep out the Asian Carp from the Great Lakes area by using the Army Corp. Of Engineers to block off the Mississippi from the Great Lakes. Living in the Great Lakes area  of  Illinois, I wonder if this is wise and what would happen if that is done?

 Would this get rid of the carp that is there and killing off plants and fish? How would they stop the carp from increasing in numbers and have a problem anyway? Not to mention the money that would be thrown into this?  This is a question.

 I can see the only way to do this is to dam off the area from the Great lakes. What would happen to shipping and coal vessels and the towns that depends on that and food goods? Not to mention employment being killed off more. How can they get ships though?  This writer disagrees on this part.

   Finally, this writer feels that there is more study needed before a cut off is made that will only be a temp answer and make the economy worse and poorer also. Congress better try something else not waste time and money on this project!

   p.s. I seen a little comment from the same paper ( that shall be nameless) that states  ‘YOU MIGHT BE A REPUBLICAN IF …. YOU EVER TOLD A CHILD THAT OSCAR THE GROUCH LIVES IN A TRASH CAN BECAUSE HE IS LAZY AND DON’T  WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIETY.’  Excuse me? you mean those who are able to work but choose to rip off the system paid by us the hard-working American. Not those who are in real need In this conservative Democrat’s opinion! I am not the only Democrat that thinks this! Oh for November to get here.