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A proposed  “personhood law in Oklahoma that would grant an embryos full rights as people from the moment of concepton failed in the state legislature on Thursday without coming to a vote in the Republican controlled house.

  The personhood Act passed in February in the senate and Republican Governor Mary Fallin have been expected to sign it. But it failed in committee where it sat.

   In this writer’s opinion, it’s hard to believe that this is an issue. In a federal level, it should be the states that should have the rights to choose abortion or not over all.  

  Given a reason why everyone has to do their homework and vote for the Republican candidate for president and get the vote to the states and not the federal government as  in Roe V Wade and other issues.  President Ronald Reagan was right when he said, ” Government isn’t the answer, but the problem.’ 


Re: Iran The Threat Today.

 So much going on in the Middle-East today. Iran going ahead with an atomic power plant to get “energy’ and put pressure on  England and France by cutting off oil supply to them. Now they are threat Israel and the United States. Israel is ready to take action to defend itself.

 In this writer’s opinion, NO Way! We have to continue the pressure of ‘In the pocketbook’ cutting off any money to Iran and build the KeyStone Pipeline project from Canada to Texas now. Why are people in environmental worried? I too am an environmentalist and know it can be done in safe guide lines.  No damage to wildlife and landscapes.

 Israel has every right to worry. They are a direct threat from a man who like  to eliminate the Jewish  and the U.S. from the Earth. Iran has to be addressed now before they have a bomb and learn how to use it!  Not wait and hope it goes away. That will not happen.


    As we heard, Pres. Obama will begin being home our troop by September in large numbers from the Middle East leaving the battle to someone else. The question here is, Who is going to fight terrorist? The UN.? PLEASE.  We pay for 75% of the UN and do the heavy lifting  and no help.  Nice if they would get other countries involved not a chance. If you will not take care of yourself, who will?

 The big question? Do we wish to fight terrorism there or  in New York, Chicago, or LA.? I for one don’t want this in the United States! In the Catholic American opinion, we should finish the good fight once and for all. It will not go away by running away from the problem. Plus they started it on September 11 by the way!   Take Washington out of the picture and let the generals do their work and win this one as we did in World War II  then bring our troops home!


 This is a good summary in light the troubles in the Midlle East and the murder of Catholics there putting out the good word to the people. Here is some of  the writing that I wanted to share with you.  Hope you enjoy it.

  ‘Ask, am I a generous giver? Or am I selfish with my time, talents, or time? St. Paul says in Cor. 9-6 “whoever sow sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will reap bountifully.”

  What is St.Paul talking about? Do we sow love bountifully? Do we see Christ in  each person we meet? Can we see Jesus in the poor homeless person as in the wealthy businessman? It was the self sacrificing love of Christ that saved the world? I believe that it is though giving away all the gifts God has given to us in love and mercy that we sow bountifully and generously in 2011.  In this writer’s opinion, well put Deacon and I agree with you.



From The Chicago Tribune 07-19-10 Edition

  Angry regarding paying for abortions in National Health Care and disconcert by Washington,  A bill was passed by the Louisiana House Of Representatives and signed by the Governor Bobby Jindal against the administration’s wishes that  would leave  out abortion care under this bill. Frank Hoffman a representative there  states that’ this is a proud day and our state is very pro-life. ‘ 

  As of now, National Health Care covers abortion using taxpayer’s money. This includes clinic visits and birth control methods offered by these  places. In this writer’s opinion,  scary. Way to go Governor Jindal! This is immoral and good to see the brakes put on now. 

   Not what Catholics wish to see and if continued, partial birth abortion put back into law!  To read more about this, go to the Chicago tribune online at www.chicagotribune.com


  Deep sorrow goes from The Catholic American to the family of Senator Robert Byrd who passed away early Monday  at the age of 92.  Senator Byrd had a long stay in the congress beginning in 1954 and brought much help to the people in Virgina State. He held the majority post in the Senate as the minority post as well.  He was a main stay in the coal miners who worked the area and their safety.

   God rest his soul, the soul of a friend of our Mary Lou Cowlishaw of the old 41, and the good citizen soldiers killed in this war fighting terrorism. God speed to them and all who departed.  As well as the little babies lost due to abortions.  Rest in peace.

See Sen. Byrd’s story here at Roll Call: