‘  Recently in a small group gathering, a well-educated woman shared what her father taught her about abortion when she was a young teenaged girl. She was surprised that her dad did not make a strong stand about the evils of sin or abortion. But he chose to talk about love.

  Imagine, he said, if you had an abortion, what would it be like if you went to Heaven after having been forgiven for the sin you committed. As you enter the heavenly kingdom among the first to meet you is the child you chose to abort.    

 Parents who love their children learn to listen rather than always just talking to them. Aborting a child takes away the chance to listen and learn about the wonderful gift this love could be. Life is filled with a series of cross es and blessings. Isn’t it sad that some, who have an unwanted pregnancy, choose abortion and never got to experience the gift of life given to them?

 Most agree that life begins at conception, but some are not patient and loving to see this gift mature into a real treasure for us. May we continue to pray for those who have been given life themselves, but are unable to love enough to let them live.’ 

    In this writer’s opinion, WELL PUT DEACON! Call you church if you have any questions concerns, or in need of help. Pray for the sick , dying, and unemployed too. Back candidates Democrat or Republican who are pro-life and will fight for the unborn and roll back soon  Roe v.Wade after  this November!




From The Chicago Tribune 07-19-10 Edition

  Angry regarding paying for abortions in National Health Care and disconcert by Washington,  A bill was passed by the Louisiana House Of Representatives and signed by the Governor Bobby Jindal against the administration’s wishes that  would leave  out abortion care under this bill. Frank Hoffman a representative there  states that’ this is a proud day and our state is very pro-life. ‘ 

  As of now, National Health Care covers abortion using taxpayer’s money. This includes clinic visits and birth control methods offered by these  places. In this writer’s opinion,  scary. Way to go Governor Jindal! This is immoral and good to see the brakes put on now. 

   Not what Catholics wish to see and if continued, partial birth abortion put back into law!  To read more about this, go to the Chicago tribune online at www.chicagotribune.com



 More than 90 percent of Catholic millennial the generation between 18 and 29- believe adultery is morally wrong and 68 percent said abortion is immoral according to a new survey commissioned by the Knights Of Columbus.

   When asked to identify virtues that are ‘not valued enough  in American society,  82 percent selected  ‘commitment to marriage ‘ making that the top choise. Another 63 percent rejection of  assisted suicide.   But only 35 percent affirmed doctrines that forbid sexual relationships between homosexuals. And only 20 percent agree with their church teachings that premarital sex is morally wrong and thus  sinful.

  ‘They want to say they are relativist but it’s also clear that they are not relativist on all issues, ‘  stressed Andrew Walters Vice President of the Knights Of  Columbus. Nice article and agreement from this writer. We as Catholics however, have to close the gap on premarriage sex and homosexual relationships.  This goes against what the Bible says.  We cannot have abortion funded by our tax money as “National Health Care ” or Obama Care!






Dear reader-

  Watching  Fox Television, I noticed that  President Obama is now putting the blame game now  on business for not creating employment and that government has to create jobs. No. government is the problem and we need less of it in our lives.

 Tax cuts are the way to go. My dad is right. Across  the board cut will create jobs and grow business here at home. This will give business a reason to stay at home.  Now is not the time for Card Check bills because it will kill business not help it. Unions have to give a little to help those keep jobs. I am for unions but in this tough time period, demands are not the answer.  Less or no government running the banks, auto, or loan offices. Sell of the batch and let it run by itself.

   Finally the ideas of tax cuts and growing business is the way to go. We need less government in our lives. As President Reagan once said,”  Government isn’t the answer. Government is the problem.” He is correct on this opinion.