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Here’s a sad story we hope is not true about a little girl and her mom. We hope this is false and if not, something has to be done. Old and young among them. God Bless.


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The court held their ground and turned back states from not voting unless by a court order or by congress the MSN News reports. Is this a good idea? maybe. If a person sneaks in, why should they be able to vote or get any government help at all some may say. See story below.



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Dr. Gosnell, the abortion doctor got life on two counts yesterday on killing three babies and a lady who came into his shop for an abortion. The pro-life and pro-choise people call this a good verdict. Really? How could pro- abortion go 360 degrees in one day?

Our question to Plan Parenthood? How could this be a ‘good call’ when they aid abortion, aid plan parenthood such as birth control, and even vote for pro- abortion candidates for office? President Obama for an example or even Biden?

This writer seen the videos on how they perform abortions and once again, will spare the details here. See wwww.priestforlife.org for the facts.

Mind you, WARNING ON THIS . Not for a weak of heart. Finally, good the jury found this murder guilty! Once again only supports why we have to overturn Roe V. Wade once and for all and rid pro-abortion candidates Republican or Democrat liberals at election time by the power of the ballot!


I just read an interesting news story from the Chicago Tribune where the Pentagon will cut 46,000 jobs of contract workers and temporary workers and maintenance on ships and aircraft due to budget cuts in government spending  starting march 1 said Ashton Carter Defense Secretary said Friday.

The Pentagon is absorbing 487 Billion in cuts to projected defense spending over 10 years and across the board spending by January 1 2013 unless congress acts.In this writer’s opinion, why cut defense down to nothing? Can we afford to go back to pre World War I condition when we has little of an Army to defend ourselves? History can and doses repeat itself. Here is my opinion on this Or two cents on this events.

What we have to do is cut in other area such as welfare for example. Close it down and reopen so if a person is in need good. It’s there for you as a hand up not a hand out. If you can work, than you work. That is the first step in this problem in budget spending.   No reason why a person can work but chooses to be on the dime for years and years and their family member for year and years. Bottom line, we can’t let our defense down as the first cut. Go with across the board cuts starting with the welfare and illegals in our country.  Why are our elected officials afraid to do or say anything on this?  the Vote. that is what Obama and his friends want. The illegal vote. Make then citizens and turn them into liberals.

That is NO to any free ride for illegals in our country. Is it fair for somebody who is here and get the green card and finally take the test to be a citizen to now be pushed into the back of the line by an illegal?  No to any anti gun laws. Follow the laws on the books .  What is first?  The AK 15. Next shot guns. Then the  pistols. What is next? the rights to free speech and press? Those  who even blog? This is what my friends we have to stop and fear. In a nut shell, losing the constitution!

Please Remember To Vote!



        DEFEAT OBAMA…………….


                       VOTE NOVEMBER 6th

paid for by catholics  for romney inc. -2012


Just as the title states. By Christy Gutowski (Chicago Tribune 09-23-2012)  A very sad sorry about how over 200 children with pass DCFS investigations were slain between 2010- 2011 but keep under cover due to confidentiality laws by parents and live in boyfriends.  Why ? This is also  Due to the fact the state is broke, understaffed and under trained to be nice.  To put a face to the victims is even more sad. Parents who shouldn’t be parents to start with.

In this writer’s opinion, how could a parent or parents do something evil like this? Or even stand by and let someone else do this ? Is it just me or is this world messed up big time?  You bring the child into the world, now take care and give that love and TLC they need and want! Not act as animals in the wild.

God gave brains to us and it is up to us how to use them. Even an animal uses what God gave wisely to a point.  This is why this story brings tears into my eyes today. Put the brain into stop position. Not the abuse child, but the dumb parent or parents!  That is what is very, very, sad to me. God Bless You Little Souls.

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Just as we thought it couldn’t get any worse in America, Vermont and Mass States are trying to push though ASSISTED SUICIDE . That is, murder of human life!  The measure is on the ballot in those states this November. If passed, this will  set  a very  dangerous path for others to follow suit. That is scary if this is not ended now along with Obama in office. That is, run over the U.S. Constitution at any moment.

If Obama Care is passed, and Obama  is elected, don’t be surprised that assisted suicide will part of the deal. This according to Tom Peters and EWTN Network.  Go to Catholic vote.org today and tell your senator NO to assisted suicide in your state  and NO to Obama Care! If you care about Medicare, go to the link below today and fix the problem we face and vote in 2012!



                    THE FALL 40 DAYS FOR LIFE CAMPAIGN.

Post abortive women and men are encouraged to attend  the RACHEL VINEYARD WEEKEND RETREAT  held twice yearly  at the St. Charles Borromeo  Pastoral Center . The next  scheduled retreat is being held , Friday, September 14 and Sunday, September 16, 2012 .  Beginning Friday evening at 6:00 P.M. Continuing Sunday early afternoon. Contact Kay at 1-886-99-4-give (4483) for additional information. Registration brochures are available at : http://www.dioceseofjoliet.org/life/documents/RachelVineyardBrochure.pdf


The Bishop Of The Dioceses Of Joliet is  taking on President Obama addressing the debate over the government  imposing its will over the church in regards to allowing abortion and birth control for the employees. Not to mention standing in way of Obama’s plans for America. Good for Bishop Colon! Have to stand up for what is right and prove the case of too much government in our lives!

As the case too of a friend who had a problem with adding on to her home. The town government even walking into her home to take a peak? Telling her ‘You need this and that to meet the codes.”  What is that about? Now the government thinks they have the rights to just enter a homestead uninvited?  How about the constitution my friends in government?

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