The issue of abortion has been an issue for very one time. Good to see people stepping up to the plate to address the issue ( PROBLEM ) of abortion today.  This writer feels that until the law is overturned, abortion has to be stopped, not with violent, but by laws and the all mighty vote!

  The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (PPACA) awards grants money to the states to help women in other ways over abortion from the year 2010-2019  started by U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D) PA. and Lincoln Davis (D) TN. State Also  with help from Democrats For Life and Pro-life groups.

  The funds have limits however. They must be used to help and support pregnant women and parenting teens  and women who face the moment of truth.   Once passed (WE HOPE) the law will begin to do the following:

*Institutions of higher learning to establish and maintain parent pregnant student services over abortion, give support with teens, and teenager parents.

*State attorney generals to assist pregnant women who are victims of sexual attacks, domestic violence, sexual violent acts, and stalking  issues.

*Increase Public awareness toward services women such as WIC, SCHIP, CHILDCARE, LEGAL ASSISTANCE, AND OTHER TARGETED SUPPORT SERVICES TO THEM.


   It is also known that Republicans in congress are positioning themselves to defeat Blue Dog Democrats in the coming fall elections. In this writer’s opinion, Good for the conservative Democrats! The Republicans  in due respect should join us to address ending abortions for example and not worry about how they will defeat us. 

  In respect, they did nothing on their watch to address the abortion issue but are willing to defeat Democrats who agree with them on abortion, gun rights, and saving money!  And many who are good Catholics also! That is not putting America first?

   Finally, the new law being worked on will do much to help stop abortion in America. Help to young teens or abortion,  programs that will help teenagers, and more interaction by the states to address stalking and sexual violent. The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act is a good step in the right direction in this writer’s opinion!! See full story at DEMOCRATS FOR LIFE OF AMERICA @




  Could be possible? Well think about that? Sen. Joe Lieberman lost his primary to a radical and became an Independent and won the election in November of that year!  With the help of  conservative Democrats, Independents, and Republicans.

  Sen. Specter lost the election, but has many backers and labor unions. Not to mention those who are the honest hunters and fishers who worry that Sustak will go the way of Obama and take away the rights to bare arms and protect your home. Or this? Andy Sterns and the SEIU running the show and calling the shots? Or wrose yet, ACORN ? YUK!

   Can Arlen come back from political dead? In this business, and I have been in this stuff a long time, coming back and winning isn’t impossible!  Depends on how bad he wants it and work to get it! ‘ The mother of all come backs!’ I hope he does. Even as an’ Independent Democrat.‘       It’s not impossible? It would be good for the Democrats!


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July 28-29- 2009

At the Bellarmine Retreat Center Barrington, IL.

    This retreat is time for gaining insight, focus, and encouragement in order to find  meaningful work.  Periods of input questions such as “How do I ride the roller coaster of unemployment? What will free me so I may make most of this change? Where is God in all of this? ” Speakers are persons who have had similar experiences and tell from their real life.

  Five meals and overnight stay in a single room. To get more information, call the Career Transitions Center at 1-312- 906-9908. See the web page at Finally, Don’t give up hope. God cares for all of us.

Best Success!






’95-10 Pro-Life Bill Important To Pass.’

   There is a bill now pending in congress called the  95-10 bill. This bill gives women second thoughts  to abortions by better education of caring for babies, care, and good health. I believe this is a good idea. I hope its passes now in subcommittee.  Please call on your member of congress and get this bill passed to help end abortion.   see more at  

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Dear readers-


   Do you  wonder what  is wrong in the senate? Run away spending, nothing being done with  the war on terror, and jobs here at home.  Why I am running for U.S. Senate as a Write -In as a conservative Democrat In Illinois! Put Americans first!

   I believe in being a good American. We cannot  sit on the hands.   Jobs  back in the United States. A strong defense to stop invaders as in Iran or Korea, and ending these dumb free trade agreements that hurt jobs and unions.  I am also pro-life.

  That is what I am about.  I also believe in direct talk.  No bull. Feel free to check out my blog and see how I feel on  the issues on various topics we face today.  See my home page.  I hope to have your vote for U.S. Senate in the Democratic Primary 2010!

Robert Jones (D)

U.S. Senate Candidate  (Write-IN) Illinois


P.S._ you will not see me giving a check to accept a position in anything. I go on merit values!



Dear readers-

     Here’s a good news story on the right to unionize, called the Employee Free Choice Act. This is when workers may organization a union in the work place without employer’s interferences.  As a Blue Collar worker, I agree on this. I worked in many factories that were in need or unions today!

See story:

Or Alen Specter And The free Choice Act.



Dear reader-


   So being a pro-life person makes me a domestic terrorist? I am referring to Obama and his administration calling those who are pro-life terrorists. This writer thinks not and Obama should be made to give a retract on this comment.

    I am a  proud American and a family member  who is Army and will cerebrate Memorial Day this Monday. I am deeply offended by this and feel this shows what the Libs are all about. Controlling those who oppose far left wing extreme comments!

   Hum? As a Catholic,   I wonder? Is the  current Pope a terrorist? How about John Paul The Great?  How about the Catholic Church? Here’s a news flash. Over 65% oppose abortion and birth control. I guess both  mentioned are according to this administration and their wild ideas! Not to this writer!

   As an American, lets remember, that  not  network out there speaks of Obama and his friends such as the Rev. Wright(  a racist) and don’t forget his other buddy Bill Ayers( a terrorist and) friend of this president. I am a true blue American as you are too dear readers. I am sure you agree with me.

   As you, I fly the flag, wear a flag pin, my family believes in the American way. In short,  once again, if Obama  and his friends don’t like it here, go to North Korea or China and live as Socialists! (communists!)

   Some of us will honor the brave citizens  soldiers  who fought and died for God and country! We will work even harder to fight abortion! I will put more in this Sundays basket at Church too as a “Terrorist Catholic!”


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“Obama Calls pro-lifer terrorists”





  Dear readers-

      Looks like another problem. Swine Flu  has returned and is going at full speed.  According to the American Medical Association, the problem is in Mexico and parts of Texas. I don’t remember this problem back when it hit in 1976 because I was much younger.  Can anything be done to stop this?

    As of now, Homeland Security has put a plan to not let those into our country if  they have the sickness. That is a good idea in this writer’s opinion. They are also trying to combat this problem with a cure.  We have to close the boarders  and not let people here in who can’t make this a serious problem here.

  In this writer’s opinion, keep your hands clean and if your sick, stay home and see a doctor fast. What to do otherwise of those here and the ones who will still go to Mexico with the attitude of ‘MEDIA HYPE?” We can hope this will run its course in due time. See for the full story.



Dear fellow citizen-

     The North Korean have failed on their attempts to  launch a rocket  that could, in time, have atomic weapons to use on Western  fronts. In this writer’s opinion, this shows a weak link,  if I may say, in our national security on two fronts. that is, the problems we face with Korea and Iran, and the closing of Gitmo Bay and unleashing terrorist elements into our streets. This has to be address now before its too late to do any thing!

  In this   writer’s opinion, we have to get tough on the Koreans and let them know we will not stand for any of this business. Putting even tougher economic might on them is the way to stop this or a little show of ” Gun boat diplomacy”to demonstrate to them we are serious about this matter. 

   Not paying  attention to the matter or hoping it will just go away will not work by the administration.  Otherwise we have  to  hit them in the pocket book as we a doing and “gun boat diplomacy” second or both to deter  the problem quickly.

  We cannot or should not close Gitmo Bay and let the terrorists out into the world. We are at war on terrorism like it or not. Don’t try to put a cover on it or call it a ” police action. ” Our Constitution will not apply to  these  terrorist elements and they will be let go.  This should be left to the military to decide and judged under the Geneva Convention policy.

    Nor should we let them onto our streets where they will go back to what they know best, KILLING AMERICANS! We shouldn’t trust any dictator  countries such as South America with the problem  either. They get very good treatment and three squares a day. They also can pray as they wish and exercise.

   Turning the back by the administration is dangerous also. This should be the first concern by Obama and the congress over all. National health care can wait! We will  not have to worry if we have to face the realism of a bomb on New York, LA. or Chicago, Illinois!

  As a citizen we have to be aware of what is going on in Europe and watch for signs of trouble. Closing Gitmo Bay or having  Korea threaten our national security is not acceptable.   We cannot or should not be walked over or blamed by the administration on other lands such as what happened in France.

   There is a  saying  used by Theodore Roosevelt of   ” Speak softly and carry a big stick ,and you will go far.”  I feel  this is very good advice.  T.R.’s  advice should be used  now  before its too late to do anything about it!

Robert Jones

Concerned citizen and conservative (Blue Dog ) Democrat







Welcome Friends:

  This is the home of the REAGAN DEMOCRATS. Blue Dog Democrats of the party who believe in hard work, good values and paying our share of taxes. In other words, bringing common sense to America today! We  will work across the room with Republicans to get results just as Theodore Roosevelt,  F.D.R. , and Ronald Reagan did. This writer’s favorites.

  There are many problems that we have today. For example, winning  this war against terrorism,  illegal problems,  spending,  employment, and rebuilding of  the economy for all Americans. 

   We also believe that the laws passed by congress should be  followed and not added to.  In other words, layers on  layers on laws now in in the books  or  wasteful spending .  For example, laws passed by President Clinton in 1994 regarding Welfare reform  for example should be followed. Rights to bear arms,  strong boarders,  and no shelters for illegals! We as a whole  are pro-life Democrats also.

  As a Blue Dog Democrat, I believe that the states have rights over their own problems. Though the government has the duties to take care of us as taxpayers for example in war. I believe in good   government over all.  Feel  free to express your feelings on today’s issues. I  have only two rules: Be nice on the blog  and no spam please. It will be deleted.