GOOD TO BE BACK! Obama a moderate? interesting. Looking outside the box, I understand.  can he pass this off going toward 2012? Don’t think so. Loses out to an agreement with China.  The leader there telling him to leave in a nice way.  Trying to pass the ‘DON’T ASK AND DON’T TELL ‘ law.  That was a law that would let homosexuals in the Army and so forth.  National health care on the way out starting in January also.

  Calling conservatives the ‘ENEMY’ and not willing to work across the way is not the way to make friend and for the good of the country. Now he is losing his base and is up against the wall from the conservatives (most voters) who are worried about the nation as a whole. Can he pull this off? I don’t think so. Don’t be fooled. Look for a another runner in the primary in 2012.  This writer hopes so!


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