Stopping the abortion cause

South Alabama Georgia Missouri what are putting in anti-abortion laws that was stop abortion completely in their states and those who get abortions will not be able to go there. Doctors perform abortions would be put in prison and a fine.                                       This is a good start of the practice to end abortion and hopefully overturn Roe v Wade. However, the civil Liberties Union has already have a junction put in place and a judge to stop the cause of pro-life in those States . All we know  for now is that we’ll see where this goes.




Just out. Three Americans were kidnapped by the North Koreans today. So far, names, or who they are not know to date. This is not new stuff to the North Koreans who will try to use the persons as “chips ‘ to get what they want. See now what President Trump will do to get them out  as soon as possible!  Our prayer go out to the three!