Just out. Three Americans were kidnapped by the North Koreans today. So far, names, or who they are not know to date. This is not new stuff to the North Koreans who will try to use the persons as “chips ‘ to get what they want. See now what President Trump will do to get them out  as soon as possible!  Our prayer go out to the three!



‘Conservative Vow To finally Do Something About Abortion!”

Conservatives and the White House finally are sounding serious   on  ending Roe V Wade with the pick for supreme court judge very soon. Hopefully, not only ending this ruling but also Plan Parenthood funding and taxpayer paying for abortions as well. We will see who of the four picks President Trump runs with? Roe V Wade Has To Go!


Illinois May Be On Hook For Abortion Bill!

The  state  general assembly will meet this month to consider a bill that would put tax payers on the hook for abortion services for Medicaid people and state workers.  If this passes. At the moment, There is a ‘Stop Gate’ in place to prevent this.  No money for abortion by taxpayers. If changes are made to bill 4013, that could change the game plan pro-life groups claim…….