Just out. Three Americans were kidnapped by the North Koreans today. So far, names, or who they are not know to date. This is not new stuff to the North Koreans who will try to use the persons as “chips ‘ to get what they want. See now what President Trump will do to get them out  as soon as possible!  Our prayer go out to the three!




The supreme  court today found on favor of a Muslim woman denied a job because of religious reasons.  Constitutional or a choice of who one may hire, house, or serve at a food place?  Maybe not person for the job due to education?  Government getting to ‘big in the seat of the pants?’ What do you think? Like to know then I will tell our idea.



With all this hype on the movie “The Interview” I want to add my five cents worth on this matter. This writer wonders? Is this truly a North Koreans hack job or a matter of Hollywood, once again, putting out a movie that is bad all the way around?

Now time to put a ‘spin’ If I may say to save face on a big lost and it’s working for the better! The North Koreans were even cleared of the matter now blaming a employee? A congressional hearing in the works? Hum? Really?

Looks in this writer’s eyes as a hype and good spin doctors to make good a movie that had no legs to go on from the get go. That in its self would make for a good spy movie? What do I know? Only my five cent worth?



Good to be back! Speaking about selling the soul to the Devil, The United States is in a battle. The battle is over terrorist taking over in Iraq and nothing is being done to stop it! Nothing but “lip service’ by the White House and Believe it or not Sen. Kerry. (I believes knows better. Has 2016 in mind!)

Why did we leave and with announcements of our departure? That is foolish! We are there because of 9-11-2001 and the war on terrorists. The idea to rebuild that country just as we did in Europe and Japan after World War II to stop communists at the end. Of course, President Obama again, had better ideas. In the name of a popular person contest and failing record in all!

Should we trust Iran? A country who hates America and would love to wipe out the Jewish State altogether? Even saying the Holocaust never happened? A guy who would use the bomb on us at any time if he could? In this writer’s opinion, this is a bad mistake! Needs to be thought out! What about the terrorist problem now?


An aide to Senator Alexander ( TN.) was arrested on porn charges leaving the Senator in limbo in 2014. The question here is WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH YOU! You had a good job and should be humble for it. Get help! Pray. The Lord sees everything! See below. Sad. He is done. Both? Hope not. Can’t be responsible for another person’s problem. That office worker messed up big time!