Of course, we hope not. Talking about what happen in Paris, France yesterday. something has to be done. Over 300 wounded and over 100 killed by bombs, guns attacks, and cold blood murder.

These are not Catholics, Jewish, Hindu, or non believers doing this.  These terrorist are two bite thugs and cowards to kill innocent people in the name of religion in this writer’s opinion. Who in their right mind kill in the name of religion?

Any religion knows this as fact!  The UN has the duty to address this and go after these people now before it hits our homeland. Track and eliminate the problem with all and any methods at hand.

Wake up America! The next spot may be LA. or Chicago or New York or Pittsburg!  What will congress or President Obama do? Well, not sit on their butts  and do nothing.  It’s in God’s hands overall. We now that.

God speed………….


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