Have we lost the rights of free speech and print in America? In light of the problems in the south, there are those who are using this as a reason to censor print or speech in our lives. That is the Confederate Flag the young man was holding before the shooting.  Very sad about what happened. This is what the founding fathers did not want when we broke with England beginning in 1776.  Repression. Here is why.

Like it or not one like that flag, it is called free speech. A person has a right to hate, say bad names about another, or question a person’s  actions. ( Even a elected official?)  That is what America is all about. If otherwise, how soon before the freedom of press or even to blog subject to being arrested?

How about rewriting history books to rid the Civil War or Slavery?  This is not Americanism but Stalinism  at the best! We cannot do that and this writer hopes that the rights to speech, print of self defense is held and not fall to dictators.


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