President Obama was a little upset at congress for not passing important bills along he feels is important. Addressing a crowd and sounding like a choked chicken getting it feathers plucked? Thanks to conservatives and Republicans and Democrats included, they not ready to put out their own neck for this guy.

Pass the buck Mr. President? Hum? How are you going to increase the wages and not put business out of business? How about the unions controlling business and not give a care about the workers? What about the illegals coming in and nothing done to address this serious problem? You know terrorists are out there? Waiting to get in and kill more Americans. Why are liberals so against the rights to bear arms and free speech?

Instead of passing the buck, work with the congress and stop the blame when it your fault and not one else! Do your job or your out! Congress included. This writer said as your employer!



Nice work to Hobbie Lobby Stores on the court favorable decision on the government telling them what should be covered on their medical plans for employees! That is, telling businesses they have to carry birth control for example in disagreement of being Catholic. In other words in this writer’s opinion, ‘Take it and like it ‘ attitude.

By winning this, our freedom to choose and speech is continued. The constitution will not be further stepped on or endanger our freedom as Americans! That is why we honor the Fourth Of July and why we even have the holiday, Freedom not a dictatorship.  Well done!