Chis Christie ended his battle against gay marriage in his home state. Calling it a losing battle. What is wrong with these people? Doses Gov. Christie read the Bible? Or the state lawmakers there? Are conservatives caving in? What next? marriage of two or more wives or other things? That is what this is leading up to if we don’t put and end to it now! See story here.




  1. Thanks for the info. I’ve been on pills and patches (F those patches — fentanyl was made by the devil himself!) for years due to 2 crushing back injuries (10-12 vertebrae crushed between the two incidents) and surgeries. Although I did just fine for a while, eventually I ended up doing some stupid things. My wife caught me a second time (thank God!), and even though I had agreed in writing that the next time would be the end, this time I faced it with honesty. Scared witless, I told my doctor about everything I had done, and to my surprise, he agreed to handle the medical end of it (most pain docs will just cut you off right then and there, due to liability issues. You can actually successfully sue them for neglect at that point, since it is against both state and federal law, but they believe — rightly, in most cases — that drug addicts won’t bother to sue them). My wife, seeing that this time truly is different (there was no honesty last time, only vain attempts to obtain more and cover it up), has given me a chance to save our marriage (and my life), and I’m taking it. I’ve been weaning off the oxy’s, in preparation for my first suboxone dose on Thursday. On the one hand, it’s really scary to get off the meds that let me lead a reasonably “normal” life (physically, anyway); on the other hand, having read your experiences with suboxone, and seeing that your comments are almost universally positive, I’m actually kind of excited about it. You have the gratitude of some dude you’ll never meet, and I wish you all the best of luck in your lives.

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