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From John Burrows Scoop Reporter Catholic Americans:

Bismarck, ND.

A federal judge on Monday temporarily blocked a new North Dakota law that bans abortions when a fetal heartbeat is detected as early as six weeks into pregnancy, calling the law clearly invalid and unconstitutional.

……….Thanks John. Funny that this is going on and not what is right to do. I and many say ‘Really?’ to this . Call on your state reps and senators and tell them to pass this or YOUR OUT!


The Aloha State may be nice for many visiting on vacation but Hawaii would like to rid itself of the 17,000 homeless to the mainland starting soon. They have put into place $100,000 dollars toward a voluntary program that would send those back to the mainland and save money in the long run feeding them and housing. Many including tourists find them offensive.

I have been there four-times and bless to have been. The question here is will this help these people? Many have no were to go and problems that goes far be on just homeless. Many even sleep in picnic huts on the beach and have little children with. Living in dangerous conditions. Many sleep in boxes just off the hotel strip or in the parks during the day.

What I am saying here is, something has to be done to help more than just say ‘Here this is your problem now,deal with it!’ More church would be a start with help and bedding that would a step in the right direction. Less government.