Chicago Tribune


Little Rock, AR.

‘The nations most restrictive abortion law is set to take effect in Arkansas later this year after that states house of representatives on Wednesday overrode Gov. Mike Beebe’s veto of legislation mostly banning the procedure after 12 weeks of pregnancy.

The Republican – controlled House voted 56-33 to over ride the veto, which followed the state senate override Tuesday. The law, the Arkansas Human Heart Beat Protection Act will go into effect 90 days after the formal adjournment of the session scheduled for May the 17th.

The measure prevents most abortions by 12 weeks of pregnancy once a fetal heartbeat can be detected by a standard ultrasound . It includes a exemptions for rape, incest or the danger of the mother.’

Good for them in our opinion! There should be more of these laws that would close down abortion mills and the death that come with it as in the PA. story given below! Governor Beebe should also be ashamed of himself.


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