A shocker hit the world today as Pope Benedict XVI  announced his retirement as of February 28th. His reasons are due to health reasons that would make him unable to do his duties. The cardinals will meet soon to decide who will be the new pope. The cardinals have the task of electing a candidate for the pope office among those cardinals interested in the job.

Pope Benedict was installed in 2006 after Pope John Paul II passed away. He is currently the 265 pope to hold the position in Rome. I am not sure if he is the first to “retire?” By rule, the job is his for life . I am sure the duties are many and lots of paperwork and pressure to go along with the job. Better to be honest with himself than get wrose health wise. (That is number one in anyones book. )   Be interesting however to see who the new one will be in the coming months. See story at lhttp://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/12/world/europe/pope-benedict-xvi-says-he-will-retire.html