I just read an interesting news story from the Chicago Tribune where the Pentagon will cut 46,000 jobs of contract workers and temporary workers and maintenance on ships and aircraft due to budget cuts in government spending  starting march 1 said Ashton Carter Defense Secretary said Friday.

The Pentagon is absorbing 487 Billion in cuts to projected defense spending over 10 years and across the board spending by January 1 2013 unless congress acts.In this writer’s opinion, why cut defense down to nothing? Can we afford to go back to pre World War I condition when we has little of an Army to defend ourselves? History can and doses repeat itself. Here is my opinion on this Or two cents on this events.

What we have to do is cut in other area such as welfare for example. Close it down and reopen so if a person is in need good. It’s there for you as a hand up not a hand out. If you can work, than you work. That is the first step in this problem in budget spending.   No reason why a person can work but chooses to be on the dime for years and years and their family member for year and years. Bottom line, we can’t let our defense down as the first cut. Go with across the board cuts starting with the welfare and illegals in our country.  Why are our elected officials afraid to do or say anything on this?  the Vote. that is what Obama and his friends want. The illegal vote. Make then citizens and turn them into liberals.

That is NO to any free ride for illegals in our country. Is it fair for somebody who is here and get the green card and finally take the test to be a citizen to now be pushed into the back of the line by an illegal?  No to any anti gun laws. Follow the laws on the books .  What is first?  The AK 15. Next shot guns. Then the  pistols. What is next? the rights to free speech and press? Those  who even blog? This is what my friends we have to stop and fear. In a nut shell, losing the constitution!



Chicago Tribune Story

Jackson, Ms.


‘Mississippi’s only abortion clinic missed a Friday deadline to comply with a 2012 state law that requires each of its physicians to get hospital admitting privileges – a law the governor said he signed with the hopes of  shutting the clinic down. ‘

In this writer’s opinion, GOOD FOR THEM!  One only has to go to the site Priestsforlife.org and there you will see what and how they do their jobs as ‘doctors.’  So bad I may say that I can’t write about this. Not to mention, killing a life of a baby!

The the time after when the mother has the problem  just beginning  of knowing what could have been but now isn’t. Of course we can’t judge anyone and I will not do that. That is up the Jesus and only him. We can only pray for the mother and lost baby and an end to abortion and abortion mills! We hope and pray!


Cardinal Francis George issued a letter Tuesday calling laws permitting same-sex marriage  a ‘legal friction’ and directing Catholics to contact state legislators about the proposed gay marriage bill. His statement comes days after Rep. Greg Harris Chicago and State Sen. Heather Steans Chicago introduced the bill in the general assembly.

The Cardinal finishes by saying’ Doses this  mean nature is cruel? No Nature is what it is and that is the way it is.’ Rick Garica of the Civil Rights Agenda’s Equal Marriage Illinois a ‘secular project that should not worry the church and people have rights to do what they want.’

In this writer’s opinion, We agree with the cardinal. Marriage is between a man and woman in marriage.  We only  have to see what the Bible says about Homosexuals in early Chapters?  Also, It not constitutional as there is a separation of church and state . This begun as we know by the founding fathers. The government  has no business telling a church  or us as citizens what  to do! What next? Have seven wifes or husbands? Marry your sister or brother?

The U.S. Constitution  has to be continued because as we see it. First freedom to worship. Next, take away the freedom of speech and press. Next Take away the right to bear arms and protect our homes. Finally, you freedom altogether. Is this what we want? No If you live in Illinois, go to www.catholic.org and find the leadership of both parties and say NO  unconstitutional ideas and radicalism !

Chicago Suntimes January 3, 2013

www.congress.org  go to state government.