‘Obituary An Interesting Comment.’

‘The United States Of America passed away late last night with an almost silent whimper. She was 236 years old. The grand old lady died of neglect stupidity, arrogance, and pure abuse at the hand of both her leaders and its ignorant populace. She will be survived by the Socialist Democratic Republic of Obamamerica or SDRO.

Also killed in this wreak were the personal freedoms, America values, exceptionalism, The Constitution, economic growth, conservatism, fiscal sanity, America unity, free markets, marriage between man and woman Republicanism, free will, self-reliance and many more so mutilated as to be unrecognizable any longer. may she rest in peace and God Bless Her.’

‘ July 4, 1776- NOVEMBER 6, 2012’

By L.G.

Added by our friend Jimmy- ” If you don’t remember history then you are domed to repeat it.” How true they are in this writer’s opinion. Too bad for us. However, regroup and fight!


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  1. And if you don’t remember spell-check, you are “domed” to re-write it…

    • THANKS…

      Not perfect but will watch that.


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