Arlen Specter, the longtime senator from PA. State passed away today of cancer related problems. He was 82. This writer liked Sen. Specter due to the fact he spoke his mind on the issues. Being conformations in the senate or even later changing from a Republican to a Democrat. A brave call. I have to think that he will forever have that party changing on his record.

He did anger many Republicans but this writer can tell you that  I had that experience being a conservative Democrat. Getting  pressure to  change my ideas of being pro-life, pro- guns, and not over spending. I was even booed for getting tough on terrorists. Will I leave? No. They will change not me. I guess a Tea Party Democrat now.  In other words, put America first. Over the little (D) or (R).  That is what Senator Specter did in my opinion.

He also was involved with the Warren Commission on the murder of Pres. Kennedy back in 1963 calling for the Signal Bullet idea. He ran for president as a Republican and held office for 30 years in the senate.   See story here.



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