If you get a  chance, see the movie 2016 OBAMA’S AMERICA TODAY! we seen it and were shocked as what was shown. His plans for his type of America! For those, may want to rethink your election pick this year.

  In a nut shell, the movie tells of Obama and his plans for the next four years if he is elected again. Also including, weaning the military not only in the U.S. but all allied powers, cut oil out period, and put an end to colonial nations such as Israel and America as we know it. Don’t take our word for it. See the trailer and the movie and get back to us. Very scary!




Just as the title states. By Christy Gutowski (Chicago Tribune 09-23-2012)  A very sad sorry about how over 200 children with pass DCFS investigations were slain between 2010- 2011 but keep under cover due to confidentiality laws by parents and live in boyfriends.  Why ? This is also  Due to the fact the state is broke, understaffed and under trained to be nice.  To put a face to the victims is even more sad. Parents who shouldn’t be parents to start with.

In this writer’s opinion, how could a parent or parents do something evil like this? Or even stand by and let someone else do this ? Is it just me or is this world messed up big time?  You bring the child into the world, now take care and give that love and TLC they need and want! Not act as animals in the wild.

God gave brains to us and it is up to us how to use them. Even an animal uses what God gave wisely to a point.  This is why this story brings tears into my eyes today. Put the brain into stop position. Not the abuse child, but the dumb parent or parents!  That is what is very, very, sad to me. God Bless You Little Souls.

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Just as we thought it couldn’t get any worse in America, Vermont and Mass States are trying to push though ASSISTED SUICIDE . That is, murder of human life!  The measure is on the ballot in those states this November. If passed, this will  set  a very  dangerous path for others to follow suit. That is scary if this is not ended now along with Obama in office. That is, run over the U.S. Constitution at any moment.

If Obama Care is passed, and Obama  is elected, don’t be surprised that assisted suicide will part of the deal. This according to Tom Peters and EWTN Network.  Go to Catholic vote.org today and tell your senator NO to assisted suicide in your state  and NO to Obama Care! If you care about Medicare, go to the link below today and fix the problem we face and vote in 2012!