The Bishop Of The Dioceses Of Joliet is  taking on President Obama addressing the debate over the government  imposing its will over the church in regards to allowing abortion and birth control for the employees. Not to mention standing in way of Obama’s plans for America. Good for Bishop Colon! Have to stand up for what is right and prove the case of too much government in our lives!

As the case too of a friend who had a problem with adding on to her home. The town government even walking into her home to take a peak? Telling her ‘You need this and that to meet the codes.”  What is that about? Now the government thinks they have the rights to just enter a homestead uninvited?  How about the constitution my friends in government?

See story here :




  1. The language is clear and free of legaleze. Although lawyers may find the book a great libertarian synopsis of important Constitutional cases, Levy and Mellor have written a book clearly aimed at those who are interested in a practical explanation of how a national government under a supposedly limited-government constitution grew to comprise twenty-five percent of the economy. Levy and Mellor show that the Supreme Court is largely responsible.

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