Here is a nice piece I found that goes well with Memorial Day and on to months ahead we found at Church. Author unknown.  Have a nice weekend.


‘Heavenly father, You are the real foundation of nations. raising them up to serve and care for the people dwelling in their boundaries.  I thank you for making me a citizen of this land of freedom and unlimited opportunity these United States.

Send forth your spirit to this country and make it a source of wisdom and strength, order and integrity throughout the world. ‘ Have  a Nice Memorial Day Weekend and God Bless our Troops. They have and are doing a fine job!


Would the NATO Summit in Chicago be a good idea? Make money and good PR? I don’t think so. In my opinion, this will be a mess and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why have it here or make this public? Why?

Why can’t they ( Washington ) have a private meeting and get it over with? Why make it public and get the bad elements that go with it? I do feel that we have rights to protest and question our government under the constitution. But when it turns into a riot, then that now cross that fine line that the police and national guard have to be called in. And they should be.

Why in any mind-set would you want to hold the city hostage to those who want to cause trouble and close businesses and expressways down costing money to many working people? We don’ t want radicals here and their troubles. Only have to look back at Oakland and the 1968 Democratic convention to not have this again.

I don’t know,  but Mayor Rahm dropped the ball on this one and I feel this is a plan to move attention from President Obama’s failure as President at the cost of Chicago. I hope people see this and no problems come to Chicago!

‘Help Protect The EPA Standards’

Help the league Of Conservation  Voters protect the environmental Protection Agency from the continued push of big polluters and anti environment members of congress from ending  the EPA standards that we depend on everyday! Water, air, and land protection. This is something this writer feels strong about and hope its doses stay.

Started by Pres. Nixon in the early 1970’s this has started the push for better air and water from  corporations that took advantage of the law . Forgetting that we are God’s gate Keepers and have the duty to maintain what he gave to us.  Because of this, pollution was cut back that time  and I did see a change for the better compared to before with discolored air and wreaked waterways of oil and such!

This is nothing new of course. The natural parks idea started by Pres.Thomas Jefferson Later  Pres. U.S. Grant enacted the first park in 1871.  It was Pres. Theodore Roosevelt who enacted protection during the 1900’s against railroad barons and millionaires out to make a buck on the back of nature. He made many angry people but did what was  right thing to do.  Why we have to continue with EPA for example. Ask yourself? Do we want a place to see animals for example in nature livings or only a zoo?    See more at www.lcv.org  today.