Re: Iran The Threat Today.

 So much going on in the Middle-East today. Iran going ahead with an atomic power plant to get “energy’ and put pressure on  England and France by cutting off oil supply to them. Now they are threat Israel and the United States. Israel is ready to take action to defend itself.

 In this writer’s opinion, NO Way! We have to continue the pressure of ‘In the pocketbook’ cutting off any money to Iran and build the KeyStone Pipeline project from Canada to Texas now. Why are people in environmental worried? I too am an environmentalist and know it can be done in safe guide lines.  No damage to wildlife and landscapes.

 Israel has every right to worry. They are a direct threat from a man who like  to eliminate the Jewish  and the U.S. from the Earth. Iran has to be addressed now before they have a bomb and learn how to use it!  Not wait and hope it goes away. That will not happen.