Listening to “FACE THE NATION ON C.B.S.’ made me shake. The talk tonight was a smaller military and returning using smaller amount of personnel and equipment to fight two wars if needed in the world.  We feel this is a short-sighted idea and may cause harm than any good if Pres. Obama has his way.

 The reason for this is that in a world with terrorism waiting to occur is a dangerous. We need a strong military and navy to act fast to a growing threat in Iran of having a bomb and blocking off a canal that we need for oil supply. We agree with Senator Mc’Cain that President Obama is acting short-sighted and overlooking a problem needing action.

  We cannot let Iran get a bomb and have to hit them in the pocketbook to make them come under control. If that fails, then military action maybe an idea. We have to have all options open. We can not leave the military short.  That will in the end with cause a lost of a war and military people  on our side! Not to mention United States interests!


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  1. Excellent post, l quite agree with your conclusion. However lam having problem subscribing to your rss.

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