Here are some ideas I found in the Chicago Tribune Employment section 12-18-2011. I know it is hard for workers today to find employment and I say don’t give dear reader. Keep up the good fight and have hope. You will have success.  I hope this helps I been there and done that. From temp work to jobs I would never bother with. As a dear friend of ours said once, ‘You do what you have to do.’

 Take contract work, retail and temp work. Many companies will hire full-time if they get a try out first. That is, if you ” fit the job.’ Many places will hire part-time and then a full-time slot later. Maybe a first climb up that ladder.

 Network. This worked for me and still doses. Never hurts to have friends looking for you also if you let them know you’re looking for a job. I have a sister who is looking and I have my friends and my wife’s friends looking and we even pick up apps when at Sears or Meier’s! Never wrong or shameful to get a little help from friends as the song goes.

 Volunteer. This is a good to keep going and feel good about helping others. Plus looking networking once again with others who are helping out and building friends as well! 

 Interview. Go out looking for other jobs if one is open. Keeps up your skills and how to answer those hard questions thrown at you in a seconds flash. You get better as you go along. Finally, be yourself. No one is perfect( God is) They are not looking for a Superman or Superhuman woman. Just do the new job. That is all they ask.

 In closing, with networking, interview, and walking the pavement, I hope this helps and not give up dear reader and have hope. I will pray for you as well and that we have a good 2012!!


see www.jobfinder.com


3 thoughts on “‘SEASON ‘S NO REASON.’

  1. The Offender Probationer Parolee State Training Employment Program (TOPSTEP) is a collaborative effort between the Georgia Departments of Labor and Corrections and the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles. All agencies work together to help people with criminal records find employment in Georgia. The Department of Corrections provides academic and vocational instruction, on-the-job training, counseling and substance abuse treatment. Sixty days before an inmate is scheduled to be released, he or she attends a parole readiness (pre-release) program. All inmates attend this transitional program except for those inmates who are “maxing” out (i.e., they are released from prison with no supervision and/or follow-up). Those who will be released to parole supervision or probation, regardless of the crime of conviction or time served, are enrolled in the transitional program. All three agencies are involved in this program, but each agency administers its own portion of the program. These are TOPPSTEP representatives located at all 53 Department of Labor Career Centers across Georgia. People with criminal records who have been through a pre-release program during incarceration are given assistance in the form of job fairs and other services. Pre-screening and assessment is done at the pre-release level. The Board of Pardons and Paroles ensures that people with criminal records receive community-based services, treatment and supervision. Department of Labor representatives remove some of the obstacles people with criminal records face when they enter career center offices. Participants are automatically seen, without having to stand in long lines, by a representative who is familiar with their criminal history. Any person with a criminal record is eligible to utilize the services offered by the Department of Labor, however only those who were enrolled in the program during incarceration can utilize TOPPSTEP services.

    • Thanks for the comments……. We put the seen and unseen of our world. Not all nice but just the same. God Bless.



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