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 An Illinois abortion clinic was finally closed by the State Of Illinois for violations for health and safety  up to $9,750. Wednesday. The N.I.W.C  Clinic in Rockford,  Illinois was closed by order of Dr. Ken Soyemi the health department acting director. Protesters were out in force picketing over under trained staff and unclean conditions at the clinic. It was planned to reopen but was closed for good.

 In the Catholic American’s opinion, good! This stands the reason why we have to continue the good fight in the War Against Abortion in America! To close abortion clinics, elect candidates (Democrats or Republican ) who respect life from start to finish, and finally, over turn Roe V. Wade  as soon as possible. 

  Not to mention cut funding to Plan Parenthood and Obama Care that funds abortions. Along with ending  assisted suicides of the old!  That should be one of the top 10 ‘To Do’ on the list of congress in the 2012-2013 year. Nothing less finally!

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RE: The Costa Concorida

  From the Catholic Americans a Heartfelt sorry for the lost  for the sinking of the Costa Concorida off the Tuscan coast last week. So far there are still many missing and answers that have to be filled. Such as, why did the captain sail so close to that coastline? Who was that lady on the ship with the captain? Was he drunk? Why did he ‘ bail out ” when the ship hit? What now for the shipping lines? Many questions. Our heart go out to the families and victims. God speed.


  Listening to “FACE THE NATION ON C.B.S.’ made me shake. The talk tonight was a smaller military and returning using smaller amount of personnel and equipment to fight two wars if needed in the world.  We feel this is a short-sighted idea and may cause harm than any good if Pres. Obama has his way.

 The reason for this is that in a world with terrorism waiting to occur is a dangerous. We need a strong military and navy to act fast to a growing threat in Iran of having a bomb and blocking off a canal that we need for oil supply. We agree with Senator Mc’Cain that President Obama is acting short-sighted and overlooking a problem needing action.

  We cannot let Iran get a bomb and have to hit them in the pocketbook to make them come under control. If that fails, then military action maybe an idea. We have to have all options open. We can not leave the military short.  That will in the end with cause a lost of a war and military people  on our side! Not to mention United States interests!


 Here are some ideas I found in the Chicago Tribune Employment section 12-18-2011. I know it is hard for workers today to find employment and I say don’t give dear reader. Keep up the good fight and have hope. You will have success.  I hope this helps I been there and done that. From temp work to jobs I would never bother with. As a dear friend of ours said once, ‘You do what you have to do.’

 Take contract work, retail and temp work. Many companies will hire full-time if they get a try out first. That is, if you ” fit the job.’ Many places will hire part-time and then a full-time slot later. Maybe a first climb up that ladder.

 Network. This worked for me and still doses. Never hurts to have friends looking for you also if you let them know you’re looking for a job. I have a sister who is looking and I have my friends and my wife’s friends looking and we even pick up apps when at Sears or Meier’s! Never wrong or shameful to get a little help from friends as the song goes.

 Volunteer. This is a good to keep going and feel good about helping others. Plus looking networking once again with others who are helping out and building friends as well! 

 Interview. Go out looking for other jobs if one is open. Keeps up your skills and how to answer those hard questions thrown at you in a seconds flash. You get better as you go along. Finally, be yourself. No one is perfect( God is) They are not looking for a Superman or Superhuman woman. Just do the new job. That is all they ask.

 In closing, with networking, interview, and walking the pavement, I hope this helps and not give up dear reader and have hope. I will pray for you as well and that we have a good 2012!!


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