Dear brave citizen soldiers-

  Want to welcome you all home and a big THANKS for all you did over there against terrorism. We here at the Catholic American know this was tough and sometimes a thankless job. You gave the good fight and we are happy your home and safe! WELL DONE TO YOU ALL!!!!!!




 President Obama was in Kansas State giving an economy speech with the believe of the ” New Theodore Roosevelt ‘ with hopes people will take that seriously. Really? Lets see, T.R. was born in New York State, police commissioner, a war hero  during the Spanish-American  War, vice president, and President.  In a nut shell a true American who loved his country and God.

   Later a writer, traveler, hunter, and even put the country first not party going Bull Moose in 1912. He would have been elected president in 1920 if he hadn’t passed away in 1919.

  President Obama? I will stop here because I don’t want to be a person who talks bad of people. I will have to refrain myself from laughing as I add his profile. I can’t type and do that. Please! No match up here.