Dear friends

1 in   8 babies are born smaller than this ad.  They are born premature, tiny, and vulnerable. but it’s not just their size that puts them at risk.  This  is why I like your help with this growing problem and what you and I can do. Over all, pray. That goes a long ways. Only God can do the heavy lifting. But I would like to make all aware of.

 Here are the shocking facts I read from Parade.com about this. Among many health problems preemies have underdeveloped airways which puts them at risk for severe respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease such as bronchitis and or pneumonia.  In short,  November is Premature Awareness Day.



God bless you and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Robert Jones



 In Clarksdale Mississippi, Gail Giaramita is going door to door in general to announce a new bill or law, INITIATIVE 26. That is if you believe that the unborn are human beings, then vote yes. if you want to kill the unborn, vote no. That is that.

 For the pro-life side this could be the answer to over turning Roe V Wade in the United States by state rights. Proponents call this a scare tactic and would keep a woman from getting birth control and other help from clinics. Civil Libbers and other group vow to take it to that state highest court to be defeated.

 In this writer’s opinion, good for the state of Mississippi! For too long abortion has been going on and with the killing of the unborn! As a  Catholic, I seen pictures of what is done and I will not tell what they are here. ( see www. priestsforlife.org  for that.)  I will say that life doses start in the womb at an early stage and deserves to be brought into the world.

 I am glad that state has this on the table and that other states will follow suit such as my state of Illinois. Even our governor in due respect jumping on the band wagon by hosting a  pro abortions award dinner! 

 The pro-life forces even had to take the state to court over a pro-life  licence plate the state didn’t feel we should display. The governor, general assembly, and the heads of the dmv.  What gives? The bottom line is,  abortion is evil and has to be ended now!  Pray that this passes and the ball gets rolling so to speak.