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‘On a remote ranch more than 70 miles out of Austin, evangelical leaders assembled for a 2 day retreat. It wasn’t a religious revival that drew the group of 2oo Christians but the chance to hear Governor Rick Perry give his testimony why he should be President Of The United States.

  Among Perry’s promises to those at the ranch that he would select a pro-life running mate. He spoke openly about his faith and was honest and very upfront on his answers.  ( I like the pro-life part.)

  The  retreat comes just weeks after Perry hosted a prayer rally at a stadium in Houston Christian leaders agree he had solidified his standing as he now heads to Iowa and South Carolina to get the word out about why he should be president. 

  The meeting received little public notice even though the attendees included James Dodson of Focus On The Family, Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council and Bishop Harry Jackson of the largest Black churches in the United States for example.’

  In  this writer’s opinion, good for Governor Perry! It is nice to see a candidate who is not afraid to openly speak about his faith and how it guides him in public office. The country would be a better place if we had candidates who gave us honest answers and not what we like to hear just to pull a vote in their favor. That is a very good thing.

WHERE VOTERS STAND . If the election were here today, how would you vote? Interesting stats indeed. Looks like the religious folks have a big say in the matter! Good!


24% Born Again

G.O.P. voters and leaners 24%


18% -G.O.P.

14% BORN again


11% -G.O.P.

11% -Born again


10% G.O.P.

12% Born again

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