Wonder why Pres. Obama is on the attack telling us how Republicans will ruin America and his plan is the best. How he is telling  us to shape up and ‘stop crying.’ Is he getting worried that he is through in 2012 perhaps? People tired of his Tax and spend policy and high unemployment problem? Can’t blame Bush on this one my friend. ‘ Your problem, you fix it!

 Unemployment is getting worse as days go on, treating the recession as a joke, and endless excuses in between! Pass that bill’ bit  is getting old fast and this writer is worried about four more years of Socialism programs and give aways we can’t afford! His wife telling us what to eat and not eat for example. If I want to eat hamburgers and smoke a case of smokes, that is my business and health concern not hers.

   Hopefully, a conservative Democrat will run ( not Mrs. Clinton) with plan for the economy and winning this war! Pro- life is also a plus and a friend of Israel.  Time for change for sure. If not Republican in the general election is needed! Our values in mind as Americans not Obama!



 Interesting news story from the Sunday Chicago Tribune on 9-11 A Decade Later. The Victims lost and those brave Firefighters and Police who went in to save them.  The new towers will have a memorial park and reflecting pond with the names of those lost that day. Plus hope to rebuild St. Nick Church lost that day as well. In this writer’s opinion, God rest and a tip of the hat  to you big time and those who want to continue progress against these dumb terrorist!

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