Here we go again. The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois has joined forces with foster care to battle Catholic Charities’ policy  of turning away prospective parents who are in civil unions ( Gay marriage.)

   The Catholic Charities in Springfield and Belleville filed asking a Sangamon judge to uphold their policy for care only to married couples or single parents living alone. ACLU considers nothing but the ‘best interest of the child. ‘  Really? What is in the Bible with regards to Sodem?

  In other story the state of AL.  is being pointed out by President Obama over its law that get tough on illegals in their state. Included arrest for aid to an illegal  or hiring one.

   What he will not say is that it in the interest to stop a terrorist who may cause great  harm if he or she gets in. Wonder why AZ. State wants donations to build its own fence!  Hopefully, both challenges will fail !

See stories at www.chicagotribune.com


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