Listening to C-Span today, I find it very interesting that President Obama would veto a Republican Bill on the budget because it goes against The Frank  Bill in the house accord to the Hill newspaper. Obama even went as far as to tax the wealthy. He  then walked out of meetings as the talks went on upset at what he was hearing. Too bad for him.

 Put America first people! In short, we have to stop spending what we don’t have! Cuts in programs that suck the life out of America are a good idea. Welfare reform for those who are able to work but choose not to for example is a good start. 

   How can the  rich be punished for making money? That is how our country works. It top to bottom. That is our economy.  So I thought. Glad to see the Republicans and conservative Democrats hold Obama’s  feet to the fire so to speak. Someone has too. P.S. Will Trump run? We hope so.


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