From News reporter John Burrows of the Catholic American

An interesting report about the economy and Greece. Bailed  out and stocked with money from the United States now ready to go belly up? Upheaval and uncertain state.  Where will countries such as England, Germany, and Italy for example fit in? What about our country? What is Obama or congress  doing to preparing for this here at home?   Scary stuff. See more at www.shtfplan.com


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  1. ..I wanted to make a documentary about the Church of Scientology because what they call their religion is expanding – it opened a 20million centre in London last year and it claims to have broken from what some feel is a sinister past. ..When challenged she claimed to be a friend of ours from Dawlish and said she wanted to send us a wedding present.

  2. hemp, I hope your wedding will be happy and long lived. The CofS has a colorful history and a documentary would be a great educational tool for all to see. London was a city I have never been to in all of my worldly travels and I hope to someday visit there when things calm down. There is a big push for the Islam sects that inhabit it now and call it their home. Sadly, they do not seem to intigrate into a society that has openly welcomed there when their countries have given up on them. As they say in the west….”it is the best”.

    Keep singing the gospels and may “the King” live on in our memories.

    Jon Burrows

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