Here is a good idea heard on the local news station in Chicago. Oil from Canada. Less in price, more jobs for Americans here at home. Why not? Do we have  to fall  all over the oil barons of the Middle East? Of course not. Get the oil for far less a price from  ‘Our friends of the North’. We can in the mean time work on electric for cars and solar. GOOD BYE TO THE MIDDLE EAST! ( GOOD RIDDENS IS BETTER PUT.) This is a very good idea  of the Catholic American. Hope it is put into action!

See the story at


  On another note, The Catholic American likes how Donald Trump handled the Obama birth cert. problem. He was the only person to call the so-called president to the carpet and force the issue. This while others stood back and waited to see what would happen.  For that, The Catholic American endorses TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012! 




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