Here is a good idea heard on the local news station in Chicago. Oil from Canada. Less in price, more jobs for Americans here at home. Why not? Do we have  to fall  all over the oil barons of the Middle East? Of course not. Get the oil for far less a price from  ‘Our friends of the North’. We can in the mean time work on electric for cars and solar. GOOD BYE TO THE MIDDLE EAST! ( GOOD RIDDENS IS BETTER PUT.) This is a very good idea  of the Catholic American. Hope it is put into action!

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  On another note, The Catholic American likes how Donald Trump handled the Obama birth cert. problem. He was the only person to call the so-called president to the carpet and force the issue. This while others stood back and waited to see what would happen.  For that, The Catholic American endorses TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012! 





By: Courtney/Parker 


 ‘Born the son of God, He was the son of man, lived as a servant’s life so selflessly. But the people couldn’t understand how he fit in their plan, so they crucified him to a tree.  Three days had gone by and there his body lay. The tomb was sealed, a guard was standing by. The ground beneath began to shake, the stone was rolled back in the quake. Jesus rose again! He was alive! 

 Once and for all Christ has redeemed us. Once and for all he died to set us free. By the sacrifice he made, our debt of sin was paid, to bring us back to God once and for all.  Sin, where, is your victory? Death where is your sting? The grave has been defeated, could not hold the king of kings!’




Robert L. Jones


  Interesting story about Sara Palin addressing a Wisconsin Group and announcing the Gov. Scott Walker did the right things with union. That is, ‘Save public service jobs. ‘ To a heavy cover of boos and’ Governor Brown has to go’ ‘ screamed out  by the crowd and boos at her as she went to the stage.  To be fair, really Governor?  Think its easy at the DMV or Dept. Of Employment?

   I have a friend who is a state worker in Illinois. His job is stressful dealing with the public who are abusive on a daily basis.  He likes the job by it has its moments. Perhaps Palin should get a job such as this and see what it’s all about? With the low pay and heavy load involved? Lets be fair.  Interesting someone who quits her governorship gives the opinion of how others should work.  This writer feels she should do the background on this before  she speaks? Maybe, get  a job!  Story@url/channel/newsa/poo



By Father Thomas Rosica-

  This past January, I was attending the World Youth Day 2011 International Preparatory Meeting of the Episcopal Conferences of the world, which includes leaders of international youth movements and the Spanish national team for world Youth Day 2011, taken place  in the Royal Monastery of El Escorial in the mountains outside Madrid in Spain.  On the Friday of our meetings, they  were interrupted when Cardinal Stanislas Rylko, President of the Pontifical Council for the laity at the Vatican.  Made the important announcement to share.

  Pope Benedict  XVI had approved the miracle attributed to the venerable Servant Of God, POPE JOHN PAUL II, thus clearing the way for his beatification. Cardinal Rylko then announced that Pope Benedict himself, would formally proclaim John Paul ‘Blessed on May 1, 2011 during a ceremony in St Peters Square at the Vatican.  In this writer’s opinion, Good for Pope John Paul! He deserves the time in the light and in many people’s opinions, is the best of the best of popes in our time! See more of the story at