Story by David Roeder -SunTimes

 Worrycontinue as the earthquake in Japan and nuclear plant disaster continues, people in the United State worry about a similar problem here at home .Four of the Illinois reactors have the same design as in Fukushima . Those reactors are produced by General Electric  Company .  This from the Energy Institute, the U.S. Trade group for the industry.  Could this happen here in America?

  For U. S-based experts in nuclear energy, nuclear energy, the issues is can our plant hold up to an earthquake and a similar disaster. Most U.S. Reactors can hold up only a four-hour blackouts David Lochbaum a nuclear engineer. They also have check s to prevent a spill and have shutoffs to prevent  a problem.

 Chairman John Rowe said its plants are safe. ” Particularly given the different seismic patterns in our regions and the absence of tsunami type events. The company said its plant have numerous and redundant safety systems but would work with regulators to use lessons learned from Japan. He said. There are about  years of track record of nuclear plants. People can look back and make their own judgements about.

This writer came across a top inspector with Exelon not too long ago and I asked him about this? He said that they have months expectations and drills to handle the problem in a professional manner.  The plants have better construction also to hold up to the ever so earthquakes we get in the Mid-West . That is good to hear.  Don’t need that here or anywere in the United States.

SEE WWW.SUNTIMES.COM for more on this.


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