This is a good summary in light the troubles in the Midlle East and the murder of Catholics there putting out the good word to the people. Here is some of  the writing that I wanted to share with you.  Hope you enjoy it.

  ‘Ask, am I a generous giver? Or am I selfish with my time, talents, or time? St. Paul says in Cor. 9-6 “whoever sow sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will reap bountifully.”

  What is St.Paul talking about? Do we sow love bountifully? Do we see Christ in  each person we meet? Can we see Jesus in the poor homeless person as in the wealthy businessman? It was the self sacrificing love of Christ that saved the world? I believe that it is though giving away all the gifts God has given to us in love and mercy that we sow bountifully and generously in 2011.  In this writer’s opinion, well put Deacon and I agree with you.




  1. I wanted to write to you in regards to what happened in AZ. A gunman at a shopping mall serious wounding Congresswoman Gillfords (Conservative Democrat) and killing of six other good citizens including a nine year old girl in the crowd.

    This make this writer value everyday and how short it may end at a snap of the fingers. This also makes me remember that debate is good if it don’t go too far. Some out there take what you and I find as nothing and get worked up and think violents is the answer that it is not.

    Healthy debate is good for our nation but that is what it is. Not getting angry and taking it out on others we disagree with. That is what elections are for in America. God speed to those killed and health to the wounded.

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